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WolBarret's GIF Giveaway

You know me for my crazy avatars and I’m here to give them away. I need space on my laptop for porn and T-Vixen pics. I’ve saved a majority of the pics and GIFs, so if you want one, post in this thread or shoot me a PM. I prefer you post in here. Once I read the post, I’ll PM you the GIF.

On Monday Oct. 20 at 11:50 pm, I’m deleting them all. There’s a freebie up at the top.

I want one!


Don’t you get your gifs from 4chan?

I’ll take any Star Wars or Trek related ones you have. Or Sam Jackson ones.


Instead of deleting you could pack them into a rar archive and upload to a free filehosting service…


…Then post link to this thread.

That would be very cool.

Oh and Kensei… I think you just found the ad that will give the republicans a landslide victory… Fucks off to take a cold shower.