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Woke Up With a Sore Neck


Yesterday I woke up with a sore neck. Felt like I just slept on it wrong. Today I woke up and it was insanely painful. I took some leftover percocets I have and they take away the pain just enough to get on the computer. Anyone ever had a neck this sore just from sleeping on it wrong? I'm starting to get worried.


I've had a stiff neck after sleeping, but it usually goes away after a few hours.

Right now I'm dealing with pain in my neck and left shoulder from BJJ class. I can barely turn my head side-to-side.

I'm going with muscle relaxers and plenty of fish oil for a couple of days to see if that helps. Also if you can stand it, perhaps some foam roller work on the traps/shoulders would help.


What did you do right before you went to bed?


I have. It was terrible but it went away in about a week.

I was doing neck bridges the day before.


If it worsens you may want to consider getting some ART done on it.


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I've had the same thing happen to me three times now, and other than letting it relax and fix itself theres not much you can do. Icing it then taking a shower helps the pain, try to use the jet on your showerhead and massage the area with it.

Also, do you play soccer?