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Woke up in pretty awful pain


I went to sleep feeling 100% and woke up with pain around my left scapula.

If I don’t move it’s not too bad … just a dull ache. If I move my head in any direction it’s hideously painful.

The worst by far is when I try to bring my chin to my chest or tilt my head to the side (ear to shoulder) but any significant movement is painful.

There is no real increase in pain when I move my arm and I have my normal full range of motion.

This was a saturday morning, it’s now sunday morning and it’s a little worse - I last worked out on wednesday so I cannot see any link there.

I’ve already got an appointment with my ART guy for a different issue but that’s not til next thursday (no chance to bring it forward either) so I’m looking for something I can do in the meantime. Aside from the obvious conclusion that I “slept funny”, any ideas on what caused it and what I can do about it? Is it possible my previous ART session (pretty much fixed a piriformis/sciatic nerve prob in the first session - ART is magic) - is it possible the release from that session brought this on?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

It’s most likely your levator scapulae. Chances are that you slept without supporting your head, so it was forced to act “subconsciously” for a few hours straight.

i’ve had something like that after sleeping, it usually went away after a couple days… havn’t had it in a while, but the worst is driving with it!

hope it gets better, just rest it/turn with controlled movements like an old man…


I had that exact same thing last week. I got out of bed and turn around and got a massive spasm in the muscle tothe right of my left scapula - agony.

Its OK now and i reckon it was not strecthing and warming down properly after snatching the day before.

I wouldn’t worry about it, as sometimes it can be the position you slept in etc. If it continues for more than a week then see a doc.