What is the best company to get this product from? The best quality. Even if it costs a little more, if it heals my elbows I’ll definately pay the extra money. Thanks.

vitamin shoppe sometimes has it…that is the acutally name of hte produc.t…proleoltic (spelling is wrong hehe) enzymes…help decrease inflammation. I would try MSM 1 gramsx2 a day and Gluc and Chon and also Natures PLus has a wicked GLuc CHon MSM cream that i have now found anything better than for inflammation, and you can even go as far as Arnica Montana 200ck or 1m power …those have helped me as of late. hpe that helps


its worth it, along with good eccentric tendon-strengthing training (look up t-mag articles, there is one)

netrition has it.

testemnials and info(in some search for the word cause they are long but read all the way):

bromelaine related:


The key is not the brand (wobenzyme) but that you are getting high dose proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes and that you take them in several doses throughout the day BUT AWAY FROM MEALS (otherwise they just help you digest your food). Take 1/2 hour before or 2 hours after food. Many companies now make formulas of this kind (I use cytolyse, but this is only available to docs).

If you have an ulcer, or frequent heartburn then do not take it. If you develop stomach upset while taking it, stop taking it.

I recently bought it off of iherb.com. There customer service is awesome and I received it two days after ordering. Also, if you buy $60+ you get free shipping. I just started taking it two days ago for a chronic back injury so I can’t vouch for it’s effectiveness yet. I will keep you guys updated on how it goes.

Thanks a lot guys. I had my aunt order me some wobenzyme because she could get it wholesale. How long does it take to start working? I know the eccentrics might be a bad idea but since so many people are having success with it, I’m going to give it a try. What eccentric exercises should I do. Tri pressdowns, bicep curls, or chinups? Should I do this with chest and back exercises also? Thanks.

Actually the brand you choose IS one of the main keys to an enzyme supps effectiveness. The other formulas that contain chymotrypsin do so in an attempt to get the catalyst effect it brings to the other enzymes present to get them to work to their best. Chymotrypsin is so strong it usually is only dosed at one mg per serving to accomplish as we see with Wobenzyme. Problem with chymotrypsin is it exists in nine forms or analogues and if any one of these analogues is absent you lose much of its effect and may even incur allergic reactions. MucosPharma (Wobenzyme’s manufacturer) perfected the extraction process of chymptrypsin from bovine sources decades ago and it remains to be seen if any other company has figured it out. If you are using a chymo-based enzyme formula that is using plant or fungus derived chymo, chances are one or more of its analogues are missing, and thus it is an inferior formula, real whole chymotrypsin is not cheap. If you are going to go with another multi-enzme blend supp, do yourself a favor and only get one that comes in a tablet, enteric coated (ph sensitive even better) and order some serrapeptase to use along with it. The serra is far superior to chymo in its proteolitic action as well as its catalytic action, and if in the chance one is using an inferior chymo-based supp (which I do not recommend, stick with red tablet Wobenzyme), these shortcomings can most likely be overcome by the serrapeptase being used as well.

One more thing, serrapeptase and Wobenzyme are best taken on an empty stomach, but you will still get the wide array of health benefits if is taken with food. We know this because this is the most common way enzyme supps are given to animals and the health benefits are still seen. Half a tablet of Vitalzym is strong enough to break down a three course meal, so don’t get hung up if you take them with food occasionally.


What do you think about Wobenzym N fron Naturally Vitamins?

I was going to add some stuff to this thread, but it’s already all been covered.

Nice work, guys. :slight_smile:

Wobenzyme is Wobenzyme, irregardless of from where it is obtained. The only thing to be concerned with is getting the red or clear tabs. The red tabs were the original, the clear tabs were made in an effort to help diabetics out by eliminating the sucrose content of the coating, but some complain of a slight upset stomach with these, so I recommend the red tabs. I’ve been getting mine from pure-prescriptions. They are very cheap.

Char-dawg, I was reading you old posts and you stated that you are recovered 100%. Did you still lift through your tendonitis or did you take some time off of lifting. I’ve been on a long break. When doing the eccentrics did you only work out your tris? How many times a week. thanks

Also, how long did it take t get better?

I lifted throughout my tendonitis, but I tried to avoid exercises that would aggravate it. Obviously, when I started with the negatives program, I was trying to aggravate it a bit, so that doesn’t really count.

As for which exercises I used, honestly speaking I don’t really remember at this point. I had biceps tendonitis, so I remember doing neg curls with cables and that sort of thing. But you’ll find that as you start to recover, you have to get more creative to hit that last little bit of “stuck protein” that’s causing the pain. This is one reason why I chose cables, because I felt that I could twist and turn not only the handles as necessary to hit the right spot, but I could also position my body in various ways to accomplish the same thing.

The thing that you want to try for is to find something that causes you pain, then take a light weight and do negatives of that movement. Once the pain starts lessening (and this shouldn’t take long - like you should see improvement the next workout), increase the weight a bit. Soon you should be back to using full weight.

Don’t worry about experiencing some pain while you’re doing the exercise. The pain is the whole point, as you are breaking up the adhesions. Like the article says, just work through it.

Finally, once I started to get with the program, so to speak, it only took about two weeks for me to experience a 90% pain relief, and about maybe a month after that (of trying to come up with weird movements to target those last few spots) to get completely over it.

Hope this helps.


Chardawg another question. How often did you do the eccentrics for tri? once a week? Also did you do eccentrics for every exercise? Or did you do for example do regular bench press for chest and then negative pressdowns for tris

I did eccentrics about twice a week, as I recall. But you could probably do them more often without any negative impact. In fact, more often might lead to faster healing.

As for your other question, any exercise that causes you pain is a candidate for eccentrics. However, if you have half the exercises in your workout causing you pain, my advice is to pick one or possibly two and use those for your negative program. I wouldn’t go through your entire workout using negatives. If your tendonitis is really bad, then just pick a couple of movements and work around the problem for the rest of your workout.

If an exercise doesn’t cause you pain, then go ahead and do it as you normally would.

Again, hope this helps.

Oh, and one other thing. When I took (and still take) wobenzym, the tablets I took were a sort of milky color. I’ve never used the red ones. Not to say that they won’t work as well, just that I personally haven’t had any experience with them.