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WO/PWO Nutrition

In JB’s article “The Science of Nutrient Timing (Part 1)” it says that both the WO drink and PWO drink should contain 0.8g/(kg bodyweight) carbs and 0.4g/(kg bodyweight) of protein. Is it me or is this a lot! For someone who is 200 pounds this means that each drink should contain about 70g of carbs and 35g of protein.

I can remember previous articles saying the PWO drink should be about 1g/(pound bodyweight) carbs and 0.5g/(pound bodyweight) protein. When the idea of during workout drinks was introduced (appetite for construction article?) I think it said to just sip on half of this drink.

So what is everyone else here doing. For those using Surge if you are 200 pounds each container would only last 3.5 workouts if you go by the reccomendations in JB’s article.

Yup. I have my own cheap but good enough PWO that i put together on my own. You can make your own “Surge” but it takes knowledge of how to do it. I just like to be my own lab rat and experiment with mixing stuff together for fun.

Yep, that’s true. My PWO drink is 115g carbs and 45g of protein…

I suppose it also depends on your goals. Like when using tdawg2 I use the suggested 50 grams of carbs. When bulking this should be the area that is increased first.

I have been using one serving of Surge and then added carbs by using gatorade powder and added protein by using whey.

I personally just follow the label of the Surge and take the two scoops. I find, for me that this is just fine for my immediate fast acting PWO nutrition to blunt the catabolism and aid recovery ( I am currently 205lbs to answer that ?).

Then the rest of the carbs and protein needed I get in a whole food meal around 45 minutes later. A meal containing the more complex carbs, starchy foods, etc. and some type of good lean meat. I personally think the shakes have thier place, but shouldn’t and cant replace what whole food can do.

I used to also make my own pwo shake, but it became just a hassle to constantly mix the damn thing up when Surge is just ready to scoop, without having to order all the different BCAA’s carbs, protien and such. Now with the direct sales I just cant find reason to not purchse it and save time.

Also, while taste isn’t as big of a factor to me as results, the Surge does taste damn good. It got a little old, when mixing my own, choking down that freaking hydro. whey.

That is just my 2cc. It simply makes my day a little more simple.