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I did the UPSTATE NY II on Sunday, and it went well. Got a new PR in DL with 515.

198lb class

Bench- 330+ 350- 370-
Got red lighted for moving my butt on both times.

Squat- 500+ 550+ 585-

Deadlifts- 450+ 500+ 515+PR

Felt good to get a full meet under my belt finally. Haven’t done one since 1991!

congrats on the meet man!

Great lifting.

Awesome job!

Thanks fellas, it was alot of fun, now I am getting ready for the USPF Push Pull in May.

Very Cool! Nice job

Sweeeeet!!! Thats a nice clean video !! Congrats and keep up the hard work!

Only one picture of my squat. My wife was unsure of getting in the way and stayed a bit far back.

Way to go. Hope you nail those benchs at the push/pull meet.

Did the push/pull meet today in Webster NY with the USPF. It was my first time in the 220lb class, but only because I was too lazy to cut from 201 down to 198.

I went 375 on bench and 535 on my deadlift, both are new PR’s for me in competition. This was my wifes first meet, and she took first in the womens deadlift with 205lb’s. She was also the only woman to deadlift!:slight_smile:

Great lifting and PRs. Doesn’t matter if wife was the only one lifting. It’s still just her against the weights.

Ditto what Hel said - nice work to both of you!

Dang! How’d I miss this?

Great for both of you - congrats!