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WNC Chapter of T-Nation

Just wonderin if theres any other T-folk in the carolinas. I cant be the only one…Can i ??? Ive got some peaple interested in the gym, but was wonderin if any of yall are in my area. Im right around Asheville NC.

I’m about 3 hrs out-Prestonsburg, Ky. Right on the SE tip near WV.

Sweet. I yall get a group going out there and we get one going over here. eventually we can all meet up have way and cause some real damage. YEAH for DAMAGE. Keep in touch.

hey all im in greensboro dont know how far from u all though.


I’m in Raleigh. Kind of far from Asheville, but North Carolina nonetheless.

Great . Each of us can get to work on starting “cells” that can be under the North Carolina Chapter. (almost like a motorcycle gang huh?? lol) Once we get going we could do meetings every few months at like a hotel or something and try to get the t-mag staff in on it. If yall have any ideas let me know.