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WNBF Worlds?


WNBF's biggest pro show of the year is next Saturday in NYC, just seeing if anyone's gonna be in town :slight_smile:



quit trying to rape us, Stuart. Its not nice.




Do you have a link Stu? I am heading to AC that night with the family but would definitely go if its a bit earlier. I'm in the Hoboken area in New Jersey so it should be fairly easy to stop by for a few.


lol, thanks guys

The prejudging is early, but the night show usually starts around 5 or so. They have Amateur divisions after the Pro show, so it can get pretty long, but I'm just looking forward to the Pros. Cordova didn't compete this last year, telling me that he wanted to put some size on (he seemed to get a little tighter, albeit smaller at each outing.. I assume with his endorsements he had to compete as much as possible), and this year he's coming back after losing the Middleweight Title his last outing. Also, Shawn Clarida beat Brian Whitacre last year for the LIghtweight title, a title that Whitacre had a lock on for the 3 previous years, so that should make for an interesting show down.