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WMD Found in San Diego


Someone ask Janet Incompetano if the border is still safe.


Ok, so they do not tell us (cover up) because they do not want to cause panic YET they use the threat of an event to infringe on our personal liberties as defined by the Constitution. If feels like a big shell game.

That said, the odds are against finding anything at the ports so the fact something was found says something about the process.

Think about it a while and it says something else, as well.


Of course the borders are safe, that is why they are so concerned about airplane passengers already inside the US.


At the rate this country is going, it's only a matter of time. Related but off topic, I can't believe the car bomb/suicide bomb hasn't happend more in the US. How on earth do you stop those? You hear about them everyday in Arab countries, and while we have more advanced technology, I can't imagine being able to stop them on a large scale. Keep letting everyone and their dog cross the boarder and it's going to get ugly.


There are few terror attacks in the US because there are few terrorists in the US.

Most disillusioned Muslims are in shitty Muslim countries.


Very good point. Good thing we have weak ass boarder security, I bet they are "DYING" to come here.


Amount of pure heroing consumed in the US each year: 15 tons

Amount confiscated by police: 500 kg.

Chances of preventing WMDs from being smuggled into the US: 0


Very recently, a radical Muslim cleric was caught in the trunk of a car crossing the border at the San Diego port. I am telling you, there will be a point where some crazy SOB comes here, crosses the Southern border illegally, and does some stupid shit.


Did you ever consider that he can do the exact same shit when he comes legally?

Tourist visa => Boom.


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Did you consider that we would (hopefully) deny a tourist Visa, or any kind of Visa, to a radical Muslim cleric? Then again, we are talking about DHS actually doing it's job.


Let's don't be silly. Of course they're doing their job. Plenty of dead Americans at the hands of illegals and you have not seen one single Caucasian grandmother board a plane with a bomb in her bra have you? Geez, ya just can't please some people.


No, I honestly never considered that.

But then I assumed that he would not travel under Abu ibn Ihateinfidels ben Deathtoamerica.

If you did however deny all tourist or business visa to anyony slightly suspicious it would do more damage than an actual attack and they would have won.



Not in America, but there have been some of those in Russia.

Because, you know, it is just that hard to motivate a 70 year old woman to blow herself up after she has seen her grandchildren ripped to pieces by a bomb.


Or, you get a good "spin doctor" to tell her she can join her grandchildren for the low low price of...blowing herself up, too.

Granny says, "Shit, 70 years? I've had a decent life. Why not?" And signs up...

That's how that shit works, unfortunately.


You can only work with what you have.

If you have aircraft carriers and lots of poor/patriotic young men you use them.

If you have lots of grannies that have lost their reason to live and are only looking forward to misery and eventually, death, you use those.

Potatoes, pothatoes....


False flag.



There is something that I have come to learn about older people, particularly my older Italian friends. They do not scare easy. Many of them were kids during the way, what exactly do you plan on taking from them? Their young lives?


I think for many of them American bombs have already done all the taking.

And some of these Chechen Caucasian grandmothers were not pleased when the Russians did the same to them.

Just imagine, they did not file complaints, they did not organize a rally, they did not even write their congressman, they just blew up a Russian plane.