WM: Which Lunges/Step-Ups?

Hi Guys. I started the WM a few weeks ago. I have been following it to the T except for the final exercise on day 3 which is lunges/step-ups. I have been doing legpress instead, but want to know stick to the original plan, especially since it may help with my slight imbalance. 

My question is: what do yo guys use? Do you use lunges or step ups, and which variation? I have seen so many variations: BB lunge, DB lunge, side lunge, box lunge, BB stepup, DB stepup etc.


I am a fan of barbell lunges since it takes the possibility of a weaker grip out of the equation and focuses more on your legs. I like to mix it up between step ups and lunges. For step-ups, just try and be sure the bench you are using is high enough so that your leg is at a 90 degree angle at the knee on the bench.

In terms of lunges, I am a big fan of having one foot slightly elevated and actually stepping back into the lunge. Those seem to hammer my legs more than other variations.

I would say keep it interesting for yourself so that you stay motivated. I really don’t think any one style is superior to another.


there are about a thousand different forms of lunges and step-ups. my advice is to look them up and use them all. i think every form of lunge and step up has different advantages. if you have never really done lunges and step ups though i would recommend just starting with regular db lunge and db step ups. balance will be a factor and it’s much easier to balance with db’s hanging at yoru side then a bb on your back. once you learn the movements start moving on to the different variations.