hey everyone, i’ve been doing Chad Waterbury’s method for the past month… which awesome results in size and strength. I’m at my 4th week and will finish soon and I’ve been reading alot about EDT training and a friend has helped me design half a workout, i need more suggestions

this is workout 1, a1+a2 = 15mins PR zones. and so on

A1: bench
A2: row
B1: chin
B2: dip
C1: military press
C2: pull down

now i just need to know what i should do for workout 2?
sqauts\deadlifts? or is that too much on the lower back.

and also is it ok with edt to do 1day on\off scheme for the week, or would i need more rest?

thx oscar…

Check out Charles Staley’s articles in the Author index. There are examples in there. If I remember correctly he doesn’t recommend Squats and Deads in the same PR zone. Also you should be ok doing 1 day on/1 day off