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WM: Should I Up My Benchpress?

Just finishing up Week 2 of the Waterbury Method. I would have posted for Chad the other night on Prime Time, but I missed it.

I just finished 10x3x225 on bench press this morning. The very last rep of my 10th set was pretty damned tough…I almost failed but I got it. I’m assuming I should go ahead and increase (per the program) for next week but my struggle on that very last rep has me hesitating a little. Was hoping to get some feedback from anyone. Thanks.

Yes! If you got all 10 sets even though it was a struggle, up the weight as Chad recommends.

I have not used this particular program but have had great success with 10x3. I had the same question a while back and started experimenting after getting some feedback from others. I think there are three good options for you:

  1. Up the weight. But be prepared you will probably not finish all ten sets at the new weight. You may need to lower the weight to complete your sets. This is OK. You will train your body to work at the higher weight and should make quick progress towards nailing all 10 sets.

  2. Keep the same weight and shorten your rest time between sets. For example, if you are currently resting 90 secs between sets, shorten it to 75 secs. Although you will aim to complete the same number of reps, you will do it in less time and therefore have increased work capacity.

  3. Keep the weight the same and up the reps. Try for four reps on each of your first few sets and three on the remaining sets.

In my opinion any of these three options is progress and will help you achieve your goals of increasing strength. Hope this helps.