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Wlad K. Injured


and pulls out of Saturdays fight with Derrek Chisero.

Dx: torn abdominal muscle, near the umbilicus. I have had one of these, unbelievably debilitating, you dont know how much you use/depend on your abdominals until you injure them...I could not do jack shit for about 2 weeks.

Though few were giving Chisero much of a chance...I am disapointed anyhoo because for some reason he got under Wlad's skin more than most, and I think Wlad was motivated to come out more aggressive than usual and put on a one sided ass kicking...

Chisero is a convicted felon, who had his jail sentence delayed till after the fight, wonder if he is going to the pokey now?

sigh, such is the mess in the heavyweight division...



What will I do now without a heavyweight fight to watch this Saturday???

oh yea, I'll watch a high paced war between Amir Khan and Maidana that will probably end in a knockout where neither fighter is carrying the other just to make him look like competition.





I'm actually going to the Adamek fight tonight. I'm looking forward to it because his fights are pretty damned exciting. Plus he lives in Kearny and trains out of Jersey City.


OK, I am jealous. I would like to see that fight too.

My dream is to catch a big fight live in THE Madison Square Garden before I die. I was hoping V.K. Briggs was going to be there, as Shannon has a big following in New York...but it was in Germany to my disappointment. sigh...


So I go into the stands to visit a former heavyweight fighter and solid welterweight prospect that my buddy knows, and I got my camera between my legs on the ground in the seats.

By the time we get up to go back to the press section, the fucking thing is gone.

Some drunk polack POS stole that fucking thing from me in the most daring raid since Jimmy Doolittle's.

Seriously- I'm talking to two pro fighters, both of whom are looking back at me while talking to them, and SOMEONE had the balls to steal that shit from between my legs from the seat behind me. How the fuck it happened, I don't know, but I have nothing but awful words for the Eastern European crowd that was there.

I tell you what Heavy, if he fights either Klitscho, I'll be pulling for either of them to whip Adamek so all these pieces of shit off themselves out of grief. Like I hope Wlad beats Adamek from post to fucking post.


haha! wow. so that is what it takes to get you in the K brothers corner!

seriously, that is fucked up.


Pfft. Total masterclass by Khan comin' up.

I am actually kind of disappointed that Wlad won't be raping Derek. I hate Derek, he's a cunt, and now he's going to start talking more shit. And I'm going to have to put up with the fucking British press claiming the Klitschkos are running from their "champions". Ug.


HAhahahahah. The British press should know that the last decent champ they had was Lennox Lewis.

I don't know how you deal with those bastards haha.