WL Shoes That are Closest to Barefoot?

I love training barefoot. I’ve never felt more comfortable snatching, squatting, or deadlifting than when I can feel my feet gripping the ground. My coach keeps telling me I need to buy weightlifting shoes. I’ve tried training in my pumas but I just don’t like it, feels like I’m just not “grounded” properly. Are there any shoes with an elevated heel that will be good for weightlifting but also get close to the barefoot feel? I don’t care as much about the height of the heel as much as I do the comfort.

Check out inov8. The F-Lite 195 is quite close to barefoot (very thin sole but doesn’t have an elevated heel and is a crossfit shoe). The F-Lite 230 has a slightly elevated heel but still comes pretty close to being barefoot.

Training in soft, bouncy, squishy sneakers like puma’s is gonna feel weird.
Have you ever trained in real weightlifting shoes? They have a hard, solid sole like wood, so you feel very stable and grounded.

I’ve heard of some people using products like these in chucks or pumas as a cheap replacement for lifting shoes

I think if you stuck them in inov8s you could have that toe feeling on the ground along with elevated heels

seems like a bad idea lol, I’m sure someone will come out with oly heel toe shoes for crossfit

I really like being able to feel the floor and use my toes wearing wrestling shoes, but I’d sacrifice that any day to get the stability and elevated heel of a tight fitting oly shoe