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Wkbrdpro's Training Log

This is an accountability log for myself but for those that would like to know, a little bit about myself:

Male, Caucasian, 6’1ish, 210ish

Current Lifts
Bench press: 335
Deadlift: 455
Squat: 405
Military: 225

I am out of shape and my main focus has always mainly been on powerlifting. But as I get older I am becoming less interested in my numbers in the gym and want to become more athletic and better conditioned.

The Goals:
Perform a muscle up

Get proficient at:
-one-arm pushups


-power clean

Be able to hold for a minute:
-front lever


-Run a 5k in less than 20 min

The Plan:

(General Workout)
Magnificent Mobility
Olympic Exercise (snatch on squat days and power cleans on deadlift days)
Power Lift (going to do 5/3/1 for maintenance)
One or two of the skills listed above
Run - progression to a sub 20 min 5K

I have been running 5/3/1 for my upper body while I did smolov jr. squats so today was the last day of the cycle.

Military Press
45 x12
95 x8
115 x5
135 x5
155 x3
175 x1

Then BBB military super setted with L-sit pullups

A1. 105 5x10
(way to easy - need to do at least 115)

A2. L-sit pullups 5xfailure
I was getting around 6-8 before I lost my form due to my legs falling

  • I might replace these with muscle up training and just work on the L-sit from the floor since my abs are too weak

Then I did some curls for the girls and some bike sprints (5 sets of 15s sprint and 45s rest)

After some deliberation I think I have hammered out the details about what I want to do

Training Days:
Defrancos Simple 6 and Agile 8 (M2 seems way too boring)
Agile 8:


Simple 6:

Snatch of squat days and hang cleans on dead lift days
Warm up/workout (5/3/1)
Perform BBB and super set with antagonist movement
Do some form of curls (my arms look pathetic at 14 inches while being 210ish)

Then some form of cardio
-bike sprints on lower body days
-long(er) distance jogs on upper body days

Take a break from studying and do 3 sets of each and hold to failure

Well tonight was pretty humbling. I did my ‘gymnast circuit’ tonight and failed pretty bad.

L-sits - legs semi-tucked
3 sets at about 5 seconds… I thought I was going to go for at least 30s straight legged

Front planche - started with knees tucked to my chest but I could barely lift myself off the ground
3 sets about 10s… knees on elbows

Handstand -
3 sets about 3 seconds at best

Pretty discouraging but I guess I have set a benchmark for what I have to exceed each time.

I posted my workout from last night but I don’t see it. I don’t know what happened

Warm up - 531 bench

BBB bench supersetted with bentover one-arm rows

These felt pretty good. The last set was harder than expected

Bentover one-arm rows
Started out pretty good but eventually turned into kroc rows by the end of my sets. Bent these get me pretty gassed.

Arm circuit 3x10 all done in sequence
EZ bar curl 65x3x10
Tricep push down 140x3x10
band pull aparts (or what ever they are called) 3x10

I will run a mile tonight and hopefully I will be below 7 min. I am getting better at the L-sits and planches. Not so much the handstands. I need to figure out a different way to approach these.

Today was an off day according to the 5/3/1 template but I decided to go ahead and do some light stuff in the gym this morning because I am a creature of habit.

All the curls were done with Fat Grips

BB Curl
started at 65lbs and worked my way up to 95 in increments of 10lbs for 5 reps

Standing Skull Crushers
worked my way up to 90s x5

Supersetted the following:

DB curls

Tricep Pushdown

Reverse Flies with straps
Bodyweight 3x8

I hate training arms. It bores me to death. I have neglecting them throughout my entire training career, subscribing to the thinking that chins, dips, bench, and other compound lifts would be sufficient. That clearly has not worked and it is embarrassing. So I figured I would just throw in some low intensity arm days.

Shot some hoops then ran. Was planning on timing my mile but that didn’t happen. I suffered a high grade ankle sprain and am in the process of healing it. Anyways, it has taken about 2.5 months to heal and in that time I neglected running. I was up to a 1.5 miles at ~10:30…

Today I was gassed after .5 mile in 3 min. Pretty sad but I hope it comes back quickly.

The gymnast stuff is still getting better. I am going to start doing L-sits on my fingertips instead of my palms so when I become more advanced I can go from L-sit to front planche/handstand.

I forgot to post my workout from last night so here it is:

Hang cleans x 3
warm up and eventually got to 245

5/3/1 Deadlift
warm up


Standing cable crunches
80x4x8 with 15s of rest between sets

Worked out again this morning

5/3/1 Military press
I missed the last set. I don’t know what happened but I am thinking my sholders might have still been tired from the hang cleans last night.

BBB Military super-setted with pullups

  • will bump up to 115 next time and see how that goes

L-sit pullup (2 sets) shoulder width pullups (3 sets)

I tried running this morning but my ankle was acting up really bad and seemed ‘floppy’. I really need to rehab this so I can get back to normal.

It has been pretty rough this week. Having a lot of tests and not doing too well on them. I have about another week of tests then my schedule should return to normalcy hopefully.