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Witty Banter Turns Into a Log

I figure it's time we start a log to keep track of our progress, to make sure we are getting where we want and to keep us from having unrealistic expectations.

so I says to Brian “hey we oughta keep a log.” and he says “that’s a terrible idea!”

Then today at teh gym he says “you know we oughta keep a log!”
And I says “I know I toldja.” And he says “oh well let’s do that.”

So here’s teh log. Just a way to keep track of our lifting and size progress.

I don’t have my notebook on me, so there will probably be no lifts or pix until saturdayish.

So if you want to comment on something before then just imagine some progress and comment on it.

I’m confused. Are you brian?

Im so sick of people trying to troll. (Tho this guy might just be a complete moron - I’m sick of them too).

I think you’re confusing witty with boring.

I just turned last nights dinner into a log.

Lol, you;ve saved yourself buddy. I think peeps were confused by your weird starting post.

Good luck!

How long have you been using this program and what kind of progress are you getting in return?

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
I just turned last nights dinner into a log.[/quote]


why are u two doing this log together… are u gay?

So mr popular listed our program, and I’ll list a few stats.

Age: 17
Height: 5’10
Weight: 195

I’m fatter than mr popular, probably to the point that we have about equal amounts of muscle. We both have different strengths, his are the pulling and legs, mine being the pressing movements…but we are starting to even out.

My main goals are similar to his. Obviously, I want to continue to get bigger and stronger, and that’s about it. There is no certain number I want to get to, or certain amount I want to lift. I just want to keep getting better. I want to be better than everyone else, including mr popular.

We are keeping this log together because our progress is virtually interdependent. We train together, we often eat together, etc. Neither of us made any serious progress until we began training together, and on average we tend to make about the same progress, so it makes sense to track it together.

that’s some mighty low volume. add some sets to the essential movements like squats and do less leg extensions, until you need the isolation movements.

Haha yes for anyone else who found that confusing, we do not simply go into the gym and lift with our working weight and leave after fifteen minutes.

And we do sometimes do leg extensions, but they certainly aren’t a focus.

im sorry am i the only person who finds this weird… Good luck though guys

What are your lifts looking like?

Great Thread.

[quote]dk44 wrote:
Great Thread.[/quote]

thanks u… i thought i was the only one

[quote]HotCarl28 wrote:
dk44 wrote:
Great Thread.
thanks u… i thought i was the only one

Thanks u for your input, we appreciate your great advices.

[quote]eeu743 wrote:
HotCarl28 wrote:
dk44 wrote:
Great Thread.
thanks u… i thought i was the only one

Thanks u for your input, we appreciate your great advices.[/quote]

Dude, it is freakin weird. Tag-team blogs and fucked up intro posts that make no sense… That said, train on brotha!

relaxed back preliminary

front double biceps preliminary