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Without Yohimbine HCL


Hey guys.

In Australia Yohimbine is a banned substance so i am wondering with Yohimbine not in the australian version will that hinder my results or should i be looking at some of the other products.

Avilable here:
Nutrex Lipo 6 w/out Yohimbine
EAS ThermoDynamX
MAN Scorch

Thats pretty much it.
What would you recommend ?


Will what do what without Yho??


Max Strength had no Yho and was and is still quality product



Ive used Man Scorch and its a great product. No funky side effects, and it appeared to help enhance fat loss.


Every product with Yho has change their formula before they can import to Australia(Sydney)

and now, HOT-ROX is GONE in Sydney. because "A7-E Super-Thermogenic Gel" is not importable.

even Fahrenheit is gone. especially in Sydney area.


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