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Without weights?

I wanted to get some T-World input on what would your training be if you had a couple of weeks without access to weights at all.

I know that HIT and Sprints can be done but how much and how often before it becomes detrimental to strength and size. Should it be in the AM on an empty stomach or not?

Would you guys even consider using bands for resistance? If so, how would you incorporate them?

Do you have access to a bar for chin ups/pull ups? You can do a lot of stuff with a bar.

Also the floor works for push ups and other stuff.

Can you find a big paddle like glove and go into a pool or lake?

Used to be a site about prison training using a partner instead of weight. Haven’t looked it up in a long while.

And the bar doesn’t neccesarily have to be a bar. A beam could work. Floor: handstand pushups. Do some odd lifts with furniture. Drag a car aound. Get creative.

Gotta love that T-mag search engine:

Warrior Training

Death by Bodyweight

Combat Conditioning

Thanks for the tips. I’ve done most the things you guys have mentioned. Wanted to know if I did it twice a day. I.E. when I wake up and end of day every day would that be too much?

I might have access to a pool. I usually take my bands for resistance.

I have read the prison thread from way back and had a partner in mind, but I am with business collegues…I think they would find it strage if I ask them to acompany me to my room and sit on my back while I do push ups.

Cravell – you could always pay one of the “local girls” to do it. I can just see going to the local red light district, stopping at a street corner, and as some lady leans over in a low cut blouse to check on “what you want,” the only question that comes out of your mouth is, “How much do you weigh?”


Thanks TEK! I was wondering what those white boxes on the left of the page were for.

I am familiar with the first two articles and the third one is great. I know that my attention to detail (attributed to my ADHD) is not that great but none informed me how often I could do it without it being counter productive.

I understand that there are a lot of articles posted on these exercises and working out without weights. Yet, it would be great to get other peoples viewpoints and experiences on this.

I think this was the prisoners’ favorite: Take the plunge.


If I were you I would definately NOT do anything on an ampty stomach in the morning. Without the effects of a descent heavy workout, I’d think the catabolism would be quite nasty from doing something like that.

I’m in the exact situation as you (except for basically the whole summer) and I’m basically focusing on sprinting. Sprinting is alot more anabolic than long-distance running, in fact I’ve actually put a little mass on my legs (believe it or not) and definately added shitloads of definition.

Throw in some high-rep (by necessity) bodyweight stuff like push-ups and abwork, and you’re set. I’ve always wanted to be able to do 100 push ups anyway, no better time than now :slight_smile: