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Within The Locked Case...

I happened on over to the nearby Vitamin Shoppe today to grab some protein powder since I did a horrible job planning on how much Low Carb Grow! I would need. Not good times as I hang my head in shame for such a transgression.

My favorite thing to do when in these places is to look at the Super-Special-Locked-Case to see what mystical supplements are contained therein that need to be kept under lock and key to protect mere mortals from their awesome power (or to stop people from stealing them… God only knows why). You would think it was Prometheus stealing fire from the gods the way these cases are set up to keep the “truly secret stuff” away from you… stuff like ZMA and oxo-6.

Today, I saw a true gem that I had never even heard of before. 100% pure New Zealand antler velvet. Ummm… what??? I had to do a quick perusal back here at T-Nation to see if anyone else has ever commented on this crap. Sure enough, Cy Wilson did a little over 4 years ago in this posting http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459383 . I don’t think I need to repeat what is recommendation (or lack thereof) was.

I was curious: Anyone else have any particular faves they’ve seen locked away at their local GNC?