Hi all, ive been a fan and reader for years. I just got done with my 9 week cycle of test(500mg/week) and pct for 3.5 weeks. its been about 4 weeks since my last nolvadex dosage(started 2 weeks after last shot)Last dosage jan 05.

I have been getting some depression and PACS(pre artial contractions). Keep in mind i have had these PACS and depression BEFORE starting my cycle. If i have too mmuch coffee or stimulants they start up.

During my cycle they went away. Now all those previous problems are back with a vengeance. Last time i had Pacs was about a year ago from too much coffee. I have been away from stimulants and the doc doesnt know what they are from. Anyone have this prob?

I am about to order some more Test just to keep these sides away! I want to go on a low dose of 250 a week. Although, I told my doc about my situation and he wont take any blood samples, he says its all mental and wont consider HRT. I am thinking about seeing a new doc and talking to an endo. Any help from some bros would be great!


this seems like a post that some vets might be able to help with

What kind of test are you on? I’m going to assume its test E since that is the most common test for first time cyclers. Some of your pct info is unclear but it sounds like its been 6 weeks since your last shot.

The ester length of enan is 10ish days. 6 weeks*7 days = 42 days or just over 4 half lives. When running 500mg/week test E you end up having 10/7 * 500 or 714 mg entering your body per half life(maybe a little less b/c it slowly builds up throughout the cycle and never actualy reaches that #). Now after one half life 714 turns into 357 then 178 then 90 after the 4th half life. Now divide that 90 by 10 to know the amt per day. You end up having 9ish mg/day.(probably less because of ester weight and never actualy getting 500mg/week)

What all this means is that your barely into the first half life where your body would even want to start producing its own test. Notes to take away from this: Continue using nolva for a while it may help you recover a little easier and remember these next few weeks may be the hardest of the recovery due to the fact that your just now wanting to make more test. Also I suggest a taper, researching how to taper and do it correctly! You shouldnt have any trouble recovering this time without a taper due to enan’s fairly good natural tapering properties.

As for the other effects you mentioned they are probably mostly mental from the worrying about recovery. I wouldnt think they are permanant problems unless they continue after you have had another 6 weeks of recovery.