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With or Without Bar?

When you note your weights in your log-book (you do have one of those…?) do you write down just the weight added to the bar (easier to work out how much to put on each side), or the total weight lifted, including bar?
I have always just written the added weight, but I have a feeling that this may impact my percentages. I do a type of Russian bear using 100%, 90% and 80%, so there is a big difference between 80% of 400 lbs and 80% of 350.

Mark down the weight + the bar. It’s all about the total amount of weight lifted, not separating it.

I include bar weight since I am lifting the bar too.

I always record the total weight lifted. I think most trainees do it that way.

I’m lifting the bar, too, so I include its weight. I consider an Olympic bar to be 45 pounds; don’t know if this is accurate, but it means, in many cases, I’m just multiplying 45 by 3 or 5 or (in rare cases) 7.

Thanks. I shall try and start writing in the lifted weight in my logbook from now on…

…at least that means that my max weights have all increased by 45 pounds! wo hooo :o)

I usually write something like:
2 x 45 + bar

[quote]michaelv wrote:
I usually write something like:
2 x 45 + bar[/quote]

You must have too much space in your log to fill it in with extra things like that!

Keep it simple.

Deadlift: 265x5,5,5

I do it exactly like Nate does. Why write + bar? the bar is part of the weight, they count the bar in PL and OL so why shouldn’t you?

Because I do. No reason, really. Probably cause I’m still somewhat of a n00b.

Actually, I usually write it:

(yeah right, like I’ve ever lifted that much in anything other than the leg press or calf raise, but I digress…)

I guess it makes it quicker to glance at and throw on the weights when I’m in the gym. I don’t have to do any math to break down the exact weight on each side of the bar. I just glance and load.

Oh, did I mention I fill out my sheet with what I plan to do before I go to the gym? I sometimes modify it on the fly, but I have a plan on paper when I get there.