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With Musa


I Plan on keeping this log for personal use

GOALS: reach goals by 2016
Gain Mass
Squat 315x8
Deadlift 315x8
Bench 225x8
OHP 185x8
Fsquat 225x8
Pullups 15
chinups 15

Current stats

Lb 185

I don't wish to power lift or compete I just wish to be better then yesterday. I have about 1-2years lifting experience where I managed to do all of these # for 1rm. I know Nay sayers will nay, but Inshallah I shall accomplish these goals by 2016.

My goals consist of becoming stronger 100% naturally. When I say naturally I don't mean taking protein shakes and supplments I mean eating meat,nuts,fruits, and vegtables. This will make my goals even more difficult but it is a challenge.

This is a LIFESTYLE. This is EFFORT. This is me trying to be like those men of the old who were incredibly strong without a shake/ creatine/ BCAA before and after. I believe God will help me reach my goals.

I will try to log my training regime consistently and my diet I will try to log also because It will help me and others to understand. I have limited resources. a Power rack/ a bench/ 335lbs of weights/ adjustable dumbells that hold about 35lbs each.

My journy started this week while fighting a sickness. I managed to

squat 95lb 15x
Fsquat bar 15x
pullup 1x

As the days go on I'll figure out how to organize my post and logs but for now I will just post what I need to.


I have organized myself. Due to my limited lifting resources I plan to workout 3x a week Day1- Chest/back Day2- Shoulder/Arm Day3- Legs

Mon 1/26/15

Pullup(assisted) 3 2
Bench 95x12 115x12 115x8
Deadlift 135x8 135x8 135x12
Fly 0 0 0

The pull ups were assisted by me jumping up with 1 leg w/ a 4 count eccentric.

The dumbbells I have are to heavy at the moment and debating weather or not to substitute this or work with the weights I have and build up my reps also the jump would be from 18lbs to 28lbs. I could have 1 side of the dumbbell 14lb and the other 9lbs making the jump 18-23-28? I fear one side of the dumbbell being heavier be bad tho. Any suggestions?



1/29/15 thurs 2:50-4pm

OHP 65x15 65x12(3) 65x8
curl 35x15 40x15 40x15
uprite row 50x15 50x15 70x6
kickback 0 0 0
rcurl 35x15 35x15 35x15

Today felt good. My OHP felt weak , and the reason I did this workout on thurs, was cause my triceps felt sore. Really would like to grow my forearms. I also think for now I am going to remove the kick backs as at this current moment the pushing movements are providing enough stimulus for my tris. Replace with another bicep or forearm exercise.

workout could have been shorter if I was more focused on what I was supposed to be doing.

Fri is legs. I still feel sore from mondays deadlifts. I also need to focus on ‘Active’ recovery. foam rolling, stretching, and self massage. I was lazy in this regard and was simply hoping in 4days time I would feel better.


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

1/30/15 4:55-5pm


Squat 115x15 115x15 115x15
Fsquat 115x8 115x8 115x8
Calf raise 135x15 185x15 185x15

This day felt good. Almost only did 2 sets of F squats but I pushed through. I feel like even with my limited resources I could possibly add more exercises for my legs and/or add more exercises period ex. Grip work or abs. I don’t have an ab day, I am counting on the dead lifts and squats to provide my abs enough work but maybe that’s wishful thinking? Let me know what you think.

The plan is to continue this scheme for 3weeks 15reps, 3weeks 12reps, 3weeks 8reps, 2weeks 4reps, 1 week rest, 1 week maintenance about 75-80% of my 8rep, return to an 8rep workout.

I will add more work



Pullup(5) (4) (3)
Bench 95x15 95x15 95x14
deadlift 135x15 135x15 135x15
Fly 20x15 20x9

This day was good felt so much better on bench and pullups(even tho they were only assisted) Also I decided to just go with the flys and start at 20lbs and build up. Everything went really good today.


Thurs 2/5/15
OHP 65x15 65x12(3) 65x12(3)
curl 45x15 45x15

Seriously I was sooo sore I didn’t even finish the workout. I have made the intention to take more steps to recover. All I did was sleep this week and that was very little with my new schedule. Tris and back were still sore from mon 3days later. I am only beginning so I understand my body has to adapt. I feel a cold coming on to. I may just do form work with legs today. start my workout again monday.



Week 2 is looking like a disaster. I have decided I will Do legs today and skip the dead lift in week3. Getting back on track for week 4. Week 4 will be my last 15rep week After I will lower to 12reps for 4more weeks. With this scheme I hope to build a good foundation and allow my body enough time to adapt.

I have been trying to get back into lifting for years and I believe getting back into it is harder then actually getting into it! You have nostalgia and expectations of your previous accomplishments. The first week I was so disappointed with how weak I had become it discouraged me, and week 2-3-4 I would expect some miraculous burst of Strength to come back to me. This time I am going to be patient and let it come as It comes. The difference between then and now is before I took whey, multi-vitamins, and had less responsibilites and things to stress about, allowing me more free time to workout actively recover and get a good nights sleep.

With that being said I am finding it difficult to eat properly, as I can only eat halal or kosher meats my first week 1/2 I ran out of meat and was eating pb&j and alot of eggs. I have bought 30lbs of chicken and 20lbs of beef. I also began getting lots of spinach, lettuce, fruits, veggies and green leafy stuff. Also thinking of getting a big order of cashews, raisins, seeds, and making a homemade trail mix.

Can anyone tell me how much salad I should eat a day to get the reccommended vitamin and mineral intake? I know it won’t be exact but If I could get an idea of how much like should I have a salad with every meal? or one a day?

Also I will figure a way to organize my posts more efficiently and work on organizing my thoughts. As I read it I understand everything because it is my scattered thoughts and more points to remind myself. I would like to give a much better account of the workout. That way the outsider looking in will understand and months or years later I will look back and I can use this as a source of inspiration when times get hard.


Mon 2/9/15
Pullup(5) (4) (5)
Bench 95x15 95x15 95x15
1row 20x15 20x15 20x15
Fly 20x15 20x15 20x13

felt much better on everything this week.
Adjustments made
-Stretching everyday/rolling
-eating more salad everyday

Funny thing about the sleep. I’ll wake up feel wide awake sore as heck. I’ll continue laying down fall asleep for another hour or 2 and feel 10% of the soreness and stiffness I did before. Idk if it’s the extra sleep or just the time going by, but either way it’s a great mental boost to feel much better the day after.

Last week only managed 2 sets of flies and the second one was 9reps. This week did an extra set and 12+ each. The bench felt really good. Next week I will increase to 105lbs.

Week4 will be my last 15rep week then drop it to 12reps. I feel good on every lift. Form looks good on everything except Front squat & dead lift.These two lifts I will continue 15reps.

Fsquat I cannot seem to find that groove where I can rest it and it won’t be on my clavicle(always had a problem with this). Dead lift I am struggling with the eccentric part. I always run into the top of my knee(always had a problem with this). Also need to work on keeping it closer to my body.

start shopping around for rubber mats for the dead lifts so I don’t damage the floors.


SAT 2/7/15
Squat 115x15 125x15 125x15
Fsquat 95x12 95x12
Calf raise 185x15 185x15 185x15 (185x2 squat in between this)

Squats felt good moved up in weight. F squat I had more strength for sure. The bar was slipping and rolling down my arms. I begin with the upright arms, then I cross them to catch it from falling and continue. I cannot find a good groove for these. Will research the tube soon.



Weds 2/11/15
OHP 65x15 65x15 65x12(3)
DBCurl 20x15 20x11(4) 20x12
Uprite row 65x12 65x12 65x12

Good day

-OHP Got more reps each set
-Uprite Got more weights, with good reps
-db curls felt good my biceps felt swollen x]

IDK WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THIS DAY. I started to have pains in my spine from work. I stand around 8hours plus. I think about wearing a belt to help with posture throughout the day but I don’t want to DEPEND on it. Also I think I am going to stretch throughout the day at work.

PLEASE HELP*********

Anytime I flexed my abs or created any type of pressure inside my belly my back would hurt alot crippling me. any ideas? I was thinking a simple strain but maybe something deeper? Please help.

I didn’t squat this day I waited untill sunday. still felt terrible so I just walked 2miles on my treadmill.

Monday Today I am working out my chest/upper back. I feel 95% better but If I hold the flex for too long I can feel a tingle and I stop.