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With 93" Basement Rafters, Standard or Short Rack?

Hello. The bottom of the ceiling rafters in my unfinished basement are 93" off the ground. I think the rafter themselves are 2x6(?), so I guess there’s another 6" above the 93" until you hit the subfloor from the level above.

Based on my research, it looks like racks come in a standard size of around 91", and there are “short” racks at around 82".

In bare feet, but overhead stretched arms are 81" with closed fists, as if I were overhead pressing.

Given these specs, do you thing the standard rack would be OK, or would the short rack be better? Any reason for one vs. the other?


Are you going to need clearance for your head to do pull ups?

Good question. With the short rack do you think I have enough space to do a chin up and get up between the rafters without hitting the subfloor (assuming there are no nails!)

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I have the Fitness Gear Half Rack sold by Dick’s. It’s 85" tall. I set it up so my head fits between the 2x12s that support my main floor when I do pull ups.

I dunno. I think only you could answer that with such specificity.

I just brought it up as something to consider.

Sounds like JMaier has a good set up, and I know he’s pretty tall. I’d do the same as he did just to err on the side of caution. I’ve bonked my head a time or two like that and it’s a pain in the butt!