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Witches Burned Alive


Dont know if this has been posted here.... I quickly looked to no avail.....


discuss.... By the way I am part-African and this is............


No, it wasn't. But you can bet your ass it would have been all over the place had they been Muslims.

Just a bunch of "Christians" (mis)using Jesus' message to quench their thirst for blood (or burnt flesh in this case).

Nothing to see here. Move along.


Yay Religion!


That made me sick to my stomach. Fucking awful.


^^ yes, you're right; man is steeped in sin.




No, I stand by my original statement. Religion is used as justification for some pretty outrageous things.

Wait for it... OMG HITLER!!!1! HE WAS AN ATHEIST!!

Well that's questionable, and I can find a LOT more shit perpetrated by religious nut-jobs.

Religion does not = morality.

Fuck religion. It's outdated and unnecessary.


The reason why you can find more "shit perpetrated by religious nut jobs" is simply because most people are religious (actually, I would argue that everyone is actually "religious," but that's another discussion.) Therefore, there will be more people doing evil shit in the name of their religion than there will be evil people doing evil shit in the name of their secularist "god." Even so, the list of bloodthirsty "atheist" motherfuckers is long and storied.

You're right about one thing: "religion does not = morality." Right, so long as you also agree: "Secularlism does not = morality" either. I assume in both we are implying that "religion or secularism does not necessarily equal morality."


Lixy, I think most people would be outraged - whomever the perpetrators were.


Countering Christian Stereotypes?


This is why scientists need to peacefully lobotomize most of the world, making them as docile as sheep. The Western countries, the actual only moral people in the world, should then administer the world properly, taking care of the now-docile sheep.

Is this video from Morocco, by any chance?


Kenya I believe


Dude - I love discussing things with you and having lively debates, but this comment deserves a wonderful one-finger salute directly to your face. How in the world can you blame this on Christians and their having a "thirst for blood"?

You talk all the time about how we on the Christian conservative,democratic right stereotype liberals, leftists, socialists, etc - but we've never even approached anything like this comment you made today.

For all you know - there wasn't a Christian within 50 miles of this horrible, disgusting display - and eve if there were people there who nominally call themselves Christian - even a dog knows that this is not how any Christian behaves or ought to behave himself.

This was a disgusting act and your comment only served to worsen it. Thanks for sinking this tragedy to a even lower level.


For every evil act committed by someone who claims a religious label, I can give you hundreds of loving, sacrificial acts conducted by those who actually strive to rise up to the level of love and decency that most religions set for their followers (and yes, that even includes Islam).

And if you have read a single one of Hitler's speeches, you'd know that he presented himself as a very religious man to the German people, invoking God hundreds of times.

The only things that such disgusting acts prove is that when human behave lower than the standards of their faith- they can commit pretty awful acts against other people, and just because someone claims a label does not mean that they are going to rise above the depraved nature of man to actually act in a decent manner toward their fellow humans.

As Katz points out in his post - everyone is religious in one way or another (that discussion would involve some real thought).


Well...I don't.

Right back at ya!

I don't.

I put the word Christians in quotes, implying this act is an obvious aberration of Christian Holy Texts. You know...like all the other crimes the Church justified back when it had real political power (Inquisition, the Albigensian Crusade, etc.)

These people wouldn't know Christianity if it crawled up their asses!

And apparently, you wouldn't know sarcasm if it crawled up yours.

Everybody knows what I meant.

I've seen the video when it first popped up weeks ago. There were other parts to it when you distinctly hear the guy setting up the fire shout "in the name of Jesus".

Look it up. I'm not going to do your homework.


And even a dog knows that blowing up a plane full of innocents, or chopping your wives' head off is not the way a Muslim ought to behave himself.

But look around the forum, and you'll see vocal proponents (mostly self-declared Christians, I believe) blaming Islam for everything from tyrannical regimes to tribal warfare.

Grow up!

I'm not one to confuse socio-economics with religion.


damn...a warning would have been nice. Shit,HRX is worse enough on my stomach without seeing that on top of it.


Crazy stuff.


Oh no. I say Islam needs a serious reformation, somehow getting around the fact that it's very model, it's prohpet, was a blood thristy war monger and slaver. But, that's just me.


Holy shit. What country is that? I sure hope we never elect anyone president from that country!



Yes. Muhammad was totally unlike Moses. Which is why Judaism is so totally dissimilar to Islam.