Wishing you well, taking a break

What kind of ‘man’ calls himself a vixen?! HAHAHAHA! lol

Michelle, do you ever speak like that in church?

That message was intended for the nameless poster. Your post wasn’t in the mix when that post was submitted.

As an older female on this forum, I too feel I need to step in a bit here. I noticed the hijacking and the new “assumed” identity as well. Although I am the first to support people when they need help about a relationship situation and feel that this is the venue for that type of thing, I don’t feel that the recent vendettas spewed forth by Bionic were in keeping with the nature of this forum. Ask for advice, yes, but ask the people on this forum to step into some sort of personal fight you are having with another individual is not right. This isn’t the place for it. You haven’t really asked our advice about anything, just asked us to take your side in an argument we know nothing about. That really isn’t fair. So, if you have a specific question to ask, fire away, if it’s just spewing invectives at someone, save it for personal e-mails with that person.

Drax, go ask someone what a speculum is. Make sure it’s a woman, and you’re at work. Aren’t you the same guy who wanted to give your woman a pap smear? You perv. LOL.

Sorry, thought your comments were directed at Michelle, and I also thought that you WERE the “nameless poster”. Oops!

PMS - Ok! Thanks for the clarification. The Queen absolves you rolls eyes grin

Well, well - I still stick to my post and hope bionic comes back once her head stops spinning in circles. As Avoids noted - who will dance on the bar. (If she was in fact the author of these no-name posts an apology to michelle would probably be appropriate). All this sounds even scarier now than it did in the beginning. Wish you well bionic.

Just wanted to give my opinion on things as I have been sitting back wathing them unfold. I know that I am new to this forum and haven’t started posting till recently but I have been reading all posts that I felt were relative to my situations. I have seen numerous posts by bionic that have either started or continued some of the most popular topics in here, so I feel the contributions she has made far outweigh this one mistake. As far as posting under another name, who cares? Maybe she realizes she made a mistake and just wants to start fresh. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find females use of obscene language in a gratuitous manner to be a real turn off.

Why does it matter whether or not a pwrson useses different name?

Unless your here to make friends, who cares?

I use different names all the time…maybe I shouldn’t?

I completely agree Avoids.

Michelle only used the C-word (a word she despises, BTW) because that’s what Superunknown called her, and incidentally, that’s what set me off. By no means is Michelle a Sunday school teacher, but she never would have included that word in her post if someone else hadn’t used it, after a fashion, already (“C U Next Tuesday”?!?-What are we in the fourth grade here?). Just an FYI.

Drax I have to agree with your last post on this thread. Hahahahha. :slight_smile:

Dang…things have gotten really ugly around here in the past two weeks. While this may not be a “gentlemens’” forum, the least y’all can do is treat a woman with respect. Please save your piss-n-vinegar for mommy and daddy, who probably didn’t give you enough attention as a child. Michelle…you’ve never been one to avoid a firefight, now have you?.. wink Play nice y’all! – Alex

I was wondering when someone would notice! :slight_smile:

I’ve been away for a few days, sorry. As was stated, I only posted that because that’s what I was called. vjspirit, I may be way off base, but if you want to have any sort of ‘relationship’ with the other forum members you should post under the same name. Myself, Goldberg, Avoids, Demo, Almond Joy (good to see you back!) and many others only use one name… and we are all ‘known’. For instance, I know Avoids is pretty much an in-your-face kind of guy, and his posts will be straight to the point. People can depend on my posts being straight forward and exactly what I am thinking. And no, I never avoid a firefight! If you never consistently post under the same name how does anyone get to know you and trust your judgement and respect your opinions? The context of these posts are what got under my skin… people are certainly welcome to post under a different name every day, but when you try to pull a fast one, get caught and then act as if the world has wronged you, don’t expect sympathy. BTW - the other post that contributed to this mess was pulled at the request of Da Man, so you’ll have to do a search to see the full context of the coments I have made.

Ok, now for my 2 cents (if anyone gives a shit). Personally, I think that a person who actually has access to T-MAG and has HARDLY EVER posted anything on the training forum while constantly bitching about how he/she is not in shape and does not get enough attention from people around him/her has some serious issues to resolve. From my experience, no matter how little it may be since I am 21, consoling these people in order to “soothe their pain” is nothing but a temporary solution which usually does more harm than good(so, it’s probably not a solution to begin with). They need to do some MAJOR thinking. On the other hand, flaming them does not help much either; their confidence sinks even lower and they waste their energy feeling angry towards this “cruel” world instead of making a change. Given the above and the impersonal nature of an internet forum, I choose to ignore these people. Maybe that actually helps, maybe not. It sure saves me time and energy which are better invested in training, eating,“hunting” etc.

…y’know my initials are PMS…just thought I’d bring that up. That’s the only thing I have to say about this thread…