Wishing you well, taking a break

I am taking a break from posting for a bit. I appreciate all the comments and stuff you guys have done to help me out throughout the past few. Something difficult has happened to me and I need to take some time to get my life back together. I guess I’m just saying good luck to you all and bless you. L’Chaim.

Goodluck. :slight_smile:

Come back soon! :slight_smile:

I’m here anytime day or night. hope all goes well for you.
Best of luck in all your pursuits

thanks vain. the favor shall be returned, and so shall i, with all my strength and resolve adn the iron will that has made bionic who she is. “I see these jealous motherf. tryin to take me down, when it’s all said and done, I’ll still be around”

You can’t leave Bionic! Who’s going to dance on our bar top if you leave? And, who’s trying to take you down? Point the toad out and Demo will initiate him into the BFA Club (By agreement with Demo, I initiate all female members). Don’t stay away too long. Hope all goes well.

In the words of Bono – “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

I didn’t know females HAD members…?!? You Easterners, I tell ya’ what.

Of course females have members Demo! You just never saw one cause you never got a female excited enough to have it come out from under its garage. It’s kind of like a “Jack-in-the-Pulpit” Demo. But maybe you don’t have those plants out west. If you do, you can go practice on one. That may explain why I keep getting all those late night pizza deliveries from a certain Bozeman vixen. BTW, just came back from a week of riding in the mountains south of Tuscon and trailing Javalina and tracking Cougars. Awesome!

AVOIDS - stop trying to get me in trouble! laugh

Save your good-byes, she never left, just ‘morphed’ into Chlorinefreak.

I second Avoids Roids (the first post :)). Though I have to say I hate messages like that, they sound scary. I hope you’re doing fine. Take care of yourself.

Oh, you mean a clitoris! Yeah, I know all about those. They come in handy, so to speak. I wouldn’t say that my lady has a, uh, “member” though. Did you use to date female BB’s, by chance? That might explain it. No wonder you “Avoid Roids”. LOL. Glad to hear you had fun tracking pigs and lions. Enjoy the pizza. Liz wants to know if you want your credit card back…the bill is about to arrive for those pies…

bionic…when all is said and done…we’ll be here for you…Goodluck and come back soon!

wipe that brown stuff off your nose. you’re so far up some people’s asses you must be coming out their noses. fuckin a, you self righteous bitch, who died and left you queen?

Queen? Never wanted the job. However, the going away speech followed by a huge post of an email sent by an angry friend is a bit over the top. I felt bad about the birthday thing, and I feel bad that someone you considered a friend obviously does not return the favor. However, randomly hijacking posts (I’m not the only one who noticed either time) and putting on a show is tireing. I generally stand up for myself on the forum, now is no different. You’ll find most people on the forum - myself included - are generally helpful. I just have to admit the ‘pity party’ posts are a bit silly. Sorry if you’re angry that I ‘caught’ you and pointed it out. But I get annoyed at dumb games. Bitch at me all you want, I don’t give a shit, but don’t get in a snit about someone calling you out. There are not enough women on this forum - or in the iron game for that matter - for one of us to act like this. Just my thoughts.

Is it that time of the month?

Hey Michelle, C U Next Tuesday!!!

Look, first of all whose ass am I kissing? You people are amazing!! Bionic pulls her little poor me stunt, and you bitch at me. Give me a fucking break! So I’m PMSing and I’m a cunt… all because I don’t play games and hide behind fake names on the forum? Grow up!

Mr. T-Vixen to Bionic, Superunknown, PMS / whomever. Not that I feel the need to step in and defend my girlfriend, but… from the time you have appeared on the forum every single original post and response you have written has been crafted to illicit sympathy for “poor ugly single you whom no one will pay attention to.” No offense to the guys on the forum but a lot of them came to your defense simply because you have a vagina. I for one don’t care what equiptment someone carries between their legs. Simply stated you have acted with emotional development equivalent or less than the children you teach. There is a reason that Da Man doesn’t want you as a girlfriend / friend / whatever. That reason is, quite simply, you are, ANNOYING, INSECURE and NEEDY. If you need emotional support go see a shrink, if you need advice on normal shit like how to please your lover, what the good movies in the local theaters are, or you want serious input from men on what they like in a woman come back. Until then please do not subject my eyes and brain to your insipid, juvenile and pointless posts. My only hope is that if you don’t grow up and start posting as an adult would, that in his/her infinite wisdom, the moderator kicks your ass to the curb quicker than Da Man did. P.S. Call my girlfriend a cunt again and I will get nasty.