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Wish You Knew When You Were 21?

Sup guys, was browsing elitefts and came across this interview with Cosgrove and Tate, awesome read:

So I came across this question in the thread title, and I’m just wondering myself, as a 21 year old college student what I’m supposed to know that I don’t. Dave Tate and Alwyn had cogent answers that immediately lets you know they were purpose-driven more than anything. So here I am sitting on my ass thinking, though I’ve had two decades of life experience I surprisingly don’t know much about anything at all, about life in general.

So I’m turning to you the trustworthy T-populace, if you could educate yourself, or anyone for that matter, what there is to know for a 21 year old, what would it be?

LEARN THE RULE OF 72. Start investing money now. Not tomorrow, now even if its only twenty dollars a week. Do it now and never worry about money again.

This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. I so wish we were aware of investing when I was 21.

So invest and always workout. Ending up healthy, strong and fucking rich has a great outlook to it don’t you think.