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Wish We Could Hide This Forum Behind an IQ Test


Is it always this bad?

At the TRT forum we have a thread about the stupid things that doctors do and say. Maybe we need a thread here with gems from stupid posts. But that would be painful. However, we could link many new guys to that hall of shame.

I am spoiled at the TRT forum. Most guys who come there are a pleasure to work with and seeking healing knowledge and not on a path of self destruction.

My frustration is leaking out.

Stickies are useful.



Meet the latest steroid guru.


The first time I started doing research on AAS I didn’t even know TRT existed (granted, 5 years ago it wasn’t as publicized as it is today). Once I heard about it I wrote it off as “something old people do”.

If the “Best of the Steroids forum” sticky could be udpated to include links to the TRT page that might be useful.

Alternatively, a lot of the stickies are all from 2008. A new “Intro to the Steroid forum” / “Welcome to the Steroid forum” sticky that included the best links to both TRT and Steroid forum pages could be a great way to update and streamline the introductory questions.


It is really annoying at times, but it is worth the constant garbage to get the gems of information when needed. The big problem is experienced guys that can help get fed up with people who are too lazy to read stickies or even do even a little bit of basic research before posting.