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Wish Me Luck

I came across a gym hiring for personal trainers where high school students may qualify. Hopefully i can get that interview and the job. It would be so great having fun teaching others the proper way to do stuff and seeing their excitement when they get the result they want =]. AND at the same time make money =D. Any tips on what i can do to improve my chance of getting this job?

During the interview, forget everything you’ve learned at T-Nation. Use the word “toned” at least 5 times, and the phrase “avoid becoming bulky” twice.

Seriously, any gym that would hire someone with just a high school education (no actual certifications) probably isn’t looking for your hardcore knowledge.

Good luck on your interview and everything…But it’s a SAD SAD state where a gym hires personal trainers with no certifications and only high school education. That’s exactly why PT’s have such a crappy reputation.