Wish Me Luck: Starting Flag Football

Playing with a coworkers team, him and his friends are a bunch of 20-something guys who have played together for several years.

I just turned 37. I’m a good athlete, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about getting burned. Nobody likes to admit they’re starting to lose it.

So I’ve been running hill sprints three times a week in my back yard, 20 sprints each workout. Each sprint takes 25 seconds to get to the top. I’m averaging 30 minutes for 20 sprints.

These sprints better be worth it. I haven’t done a deadlift or squat workout in 8 weeks because of them. :slight_smile:

GOod luck! And throw a knockout block on a twenty-something for me.

Cocky bastards.

Best of luck Buddy, have fun! Oh how I miss football.

Awesome! Good luck brother! The cool thing I found out is that once the whistle blows you are a football player, not the old guy playing football. It is a great feeling to continue on mixing it up! I know at some point I will have to put it away but damn I love playing this game!