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Wish I Was as Buff as My Dog


Here he is with the tennis ball he uses for plantar fascia release.


That dog is jacked! My boxer's not as stocky, but she is the most athletic creature (animal or human) I have ever seen. 100% muscle, veins, and energy.


How much does that dude weigh?


Has he been doing the I, DOGGYBUILDER program? He looks jacked.


Pic of one using a fractilius filter. My buddy had one that was a pre-mee big time. He had to take a blanket with him whenever he would visit friends cause it would just lay there and splooge,even in it's sleep lol. Out of all my friends dogs over the years Tyrone was the best. Very mellow and a way better nose for tracking than people give them credit for. All muscle,no fat...basically a hard on with legs. Nice dog TC.


Shit,here it is


Please. We all know you're nothing until you're over 200 pounds. I don't qualify, but my boy does.


I'm sorry, that dog looks like he's carrying WAY too much LBM for his frame. He must be on steroids because he's definitely OVER the upper limit of LBM that he would be able to attain naturally.



I have 2 Miniature Pinschers. Skinny little lazy bitches do nothing all day.
If anyone ever says I look like my dogs, all fury of Hell will descend upon you.


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My pet, Cuddles.

Fucker made his own doggie door by simply walking through the closed back door.

Sorry, had to be done...



He reminds a little of Terry Tate.


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That is not a dog...It's bear that likes car rides and girls who takes them for car rides lol. Get a workout just cleaning up the land mines.


Honestly one of the coolest dogs ever, he's like a child in personality.


Dwarf looks just like his dogs...had to be done


His hair looks phenomenal.

I smell GH intravenous...


cool story bro!


Wish I was as good looking as my dog.


Not really upon the different breeds... what kind of dog is that?