Wisey's Training Log - Strong for no reason

Yes mate, spot on to the plan. Have a great day.



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I assume that means you did a great job

Comp Wrap.


Really happy that I’ve made my return to the platform! Had an absolute blast today, I really did.

Sleep was bloody garbage last night, couldn’t sleep early on, then woke up 3-4 times, then got up at 450am. Equalled about 4 hours Max of actual sleep.

Anyway. Got up, and went straight into action mode. Cold shower to wake up. Then had to drop my doggos off at my parents house for the day - one of them is carrying an injury and needs to chill for a few weeks, which won’t happen when left alone. Took care of that, and was on the road by 0530.

Arrived at the venue @0630 for gear check and sign in. Met a few of the other lifters at this time, and being early I was able to jump in and easily set my rack heights - training at home all means I don’t have access to an eleiko rack lol.

Freaked out for 30 minutes worrying about weight. :joy:.
Then weighed in Comfortably under the 105kg mark, at 104.3kg still wearing my training shorts…


I fed.
I hydrated.
I talked more shit with other lifters.

0900, and in the first flight being a Master’s lifter (masters and juniors are lumped together, opens get their own group), it was time to go to work. Warmed up Super easy and rather well…and everything actually felt Awesome. I was surprised…but welcomed it.



Onto the platform, with a 150kg opening squat, and Damn, it felt heavy as hell!! Not sure if it was the nerves…but it felt WAY heavier than the 140kg warmup, so much that I momentarily wondered if it was misplaced lol.

It moved so damn easy, despite its crushing feeling, that it pretty much washed all worry away, and I instantly asked for 12.5kg more.

The second attempt was so rudimentary. :joy:. By this point I think it was excitement driving the effort…I stuck to the plan, and asked for 170kg, wondering immediately if that was heavy enough!

It wasn’t. And it also flew up with ease.

First mission accomplished - “don’t break while squatting”.

Onto bench. Warmup here felt like butter. Everything from this point on become just another day in the gym.

Opened on 122.5kg, easy as. Moved straight to 132.5kg for my second…and…Ouch. Again hurt my back benching in a Comp. With my belt on, I get so damn tight through the mid section, and I guess the belt becomes too tight…felt something in my left side of abs, and then lower back.

Asked for a gentle 5kg more for my third. Probably should have passed…but by this point, I was having too much fun.

137.5kg went up Okay. A small struggle…as I tried not to get TOO tight!

Onto deadlifts. At this point I was thinking, just pull the opener and call it a day. I needed only a “total” as a master’s lifter to qualify for the state champs in December…

But again, I don’t give up, and was not in town to make love to spiders.

210kg flew. Was easy as hell. And felt ok. So jumped to 230kg like any lifter than should be passing any further attempts does. :joy:

230kg also moved pretty well, though…it hurt quite a bit. Lower back, abs, not happy now.

I hid my pain, approached the desk, looked at the scoreboard, and knew I needed only another 12.5kg to get to 550.

So yep. Asked for that too. And slowly moved back to the warmup area to try and make myself more mobile.

Took about 5-6 minutes, but u managed to get moving again! And so on I went, back out onto the platform for my third and final attempt with 242.5kg…got angry. Got down. Shut out all noise and pain and just focussed on tightening everything beyond tight…

And up she went! Must have been slow, because the crowd noise got bloody loud!

Unfortunately I got Zero footage of the day. It was live streamed…and I checked the stream when I got home and it’s absolute trash. Terrible rendering, to the point it looks like a freeze frame stop motion animation…annoying. but doesn’t matter, because I’m coming back in December with bigger numbers.

It was worth it. 550kg was 7.5kg above my best total from 4 years ago with this federation. And although this is not my best strength level (gym total is like 622.5kg), I’m definitely hungry now to chase those numbers back and make them official.

Pretty happy. Pretty sore and full of ibuprofen. But I go to bed a proud old geezer haha.

Until next time I feel like even training…



A great day for you and a great read for me! Congratulations on your success.


After much debachery last night with a huge kebab snack pack and about 8 bourbons…back on the train today…


Just wanted to comment here how Fkn good that comp result was. The write up was pretty good too.
2 weeks ago you were doing rehab and working though a plan on how to get back to squatting g and deadlifting without pain. Next You get a call 1 week out from a comp and say ‘sure thing’. With literally 1 weeks prep you get on stage compete and post a 550kg 1210lb raw total.
Mate this is the absolute definition of strength. No prep just raw strength built from years and years of consistent effort.
You are a legend Wisey and should be very proud of that result.


Appreciate the kind words mate.

Just doing what I do.

Needed to get some movement in today as was feeling very tight and restricted.

Did my rehab stuff, and mobility improved straight away and got more or less to normal.

SSB Squat:


DB Bench: Longest ROM I could physically manage, small pause in the bottom end range. Really attacking them little titties.


Jefferson Curl:


Yeah. I’m done.



Love the writeup, appreciate the share. Shame on no pics/vids but the writeup worked a treat describing the pushing through niggles and injuries. Staggeringly good numbers too. Coudos!


Quick Update!

Been very sick the past week. Influenza A out of nowhere…quite the punish for someone typically very healthy. I sleep well, I eat well, I do most things right…didn’t matter, got me anyway.
Have kept up the fluids, have slept as needed, eaten as much as I can force down. Hopefully, I’ve made it easier than it could have been. I’m down to just a rough cough and a what is probably the worst case of laryngitis I’ve ever had… can’t imagine the wife is particularly unhappy about that last part. :joy:

Couple more days I think. Going to get back under the bar tomorrow…get things moving there, full power on Monday is the plan.

What a absolute pain in the arse though.

Enough negativity.

Hope you’re all ok!



Working in a hospital I’ve come to the conclusion there must be a significant genetic component to how viral infections hit you.


Man this. Hit. Hard. So did Whooping cough a few years actually now I think about it.

Yet COVID, did NOTHING to me. Yet slammed my wife, best mate, and cousin for weeks. Go figure. I never even stopped training with covid. :joy:.

Back today mf’ers. I’m still a bit down. I’m still coughing a bit…but I can’t wait any longer. 2.5 weeks without a workout beyond stretching and mobility. And I tell you what, I am pretty glad I did those things, as warning up for squats today didn’t take any longer than typical.

Weak as hell though… temporary of course.

SSB Squat:

82.5x3 - 182lbs

62.5x10 - 138lbs

Bulgarian split squat: (I use the SSB bar for these too).

22.5x8 - 50lbs

Db flat bench: each hand.

26x8 - 57lbs

DB chest supported row: each hand.

26x8 - 57lbs

The first set of each exercise felt, yeah, Shit. Squats felt okay, just hurt the joints a little. Second set of every exercise felt quite good… with no joint pain, so I guess it’s just a loaded stretching thing. Will take time and frequency. Happy to wait it out this week with the programmed routine then evaluate. If I need more frequency to help out with technique I can easily do Light days in betweens on the problematic movements.
I want to add ab training back in, but I seem to have small micro tears all through them from coughing :joy:. Bracing wasn’t fun and didn’t particularly get better as I went on. But that’s nothing I’ve not dealt with before either.

What matters here, is that I am back under the barbell. It’s my happy place outside the family life. Although I just had my arse kicked by weights I’m embarrassed to even log, I at the same time feel Much better for having got through the whole session as I planned. These little wins will get me back in no time. I’ve got like 12? Ish weeks until State Championships which I at no point have ever considered pulling out of.

There will be no excuses here. PB total on the 9th December will happen.




I should add here that my bodyweight is down to 102.6kg every day…lost over 1kg to the illness. Maybe 1.5kg of actually weight lost. Appetite completely abandoned me, and I was even struggling to down large liquid meals, so my average cals have been a bit lower than I would have liked.

Still struggling with this, as everything has been tasting the same :joy:. Shakes going down ok the last couple of days though, so I seem to be heading down the right track there also.

One positive thing about this though, is that I could probably eat quite a bit more leading into this comp from here on out than I otherwise might have been able to get away with. 3100 is my maintenance…so I plan on slowly reversing and letting those cals climb from their current 7 days average of 2200 :sob:, right up to 3250 I think over the next 1-2 weeks and just see what happens. Will help the lifts come flying back too.

Ok, now I’m done. Ha.



Nothing pretty here. Nothing strong. But we back.

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Opposite for me, I need to lose a couple of kg’s


Well…a small false start for me :joy:. I mean, I should have expected this.

Nerve issue rose up after that first session…anyway, had it treated again. Feels ok now, should be able to train tomorrow as planned. I don’t think any volume stuff will be happening this block, but rather a low volume approach to bringing back the squat stuff like I did pre-comp.

Is what it is.