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Wisdom Tooth Extracted. Swelling!


Yesterday I got #32 extracted from an oral surgeon with IV sedation. Today I'm experiancing golf ball sized swelling and trismus (very limited opening). I understand this is common. But anyone have any tricks to help with the swelling?

I have been doing the 20 min ice packs. Vicodin per discomfort is marginal. I'm piggbacking b/w 800mg NSAID's and Vicodin.


Just enjoy the Vicodin ride. Swelling will go down when it wants to.


Wait a week...


I'm debating if I will go into work Mon and or Tues. per swelling and trismus.

I myself am in the dental field and do not want to bring any attention from my patients.

The vicodin doesnt seem to do anything. It does help with the analgesia. But I'm not noticing anything else. Doesnt make me tired or trppy.

I get more of a trippy effect from ambien


No exercise, ice it as you been doing. Isn't the vicodin overkill? I had surgery to extract #1, 16, and 32. Minor swelling, most important thing was putting ice on it just after the procedure; as in I walked out of the room and used an instant cold pack while overviewing the paperwork. Only took tylenol and antibiotics.


Why did u use antibiotics? Was there an infection? Acetominophin? Why not NSAID's?

I'm not a big fan of opiods based pain killers, however I'm gonna take advantage of them while I have em.


I had 6 teeth taken out- 4 wisdom and 2 pre-molars. It looked like i was holding golf balls in my cheeks for a week.

Just relax and enjoy your down time. The swelling should go right down in about a week.


Funny, I'm going to have this done later this week. I was wondering what to expect, and this pops up.


If you work in the dental field, why are you asking us weightlifters about a dental problem ? Nevermind.... maybe it's the Vicodene. My wisdom tooth extraction caused swelling for 3 days, then all was OK.


The antibiotics were given to prevent infection, they had to take some sutures.


This is one reason so many strains of bacteria are now immune to antibiotics.


I guess, overuse of them certainly has played a big role on that. Although In my case I had 3 teeth taken out and one of them was really deep in my gum/jaw. So the surgeon left a big deep hole on my mandible. It was just preventve Tx since the mouth is kind of a dirty place...osteomyelitis and endocarditis is no fun.