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Wisdom Teeth


Hey this is my first thread and kind of important.

I had my Wisdom teeth pulled today and my Post Op Surgery Instructions state I can't eat anything but soft foods. I thought it would be OK till they told me I can't have any dairy products, oats, or pellet type foods for atleast 3 days. If I do I run a high risk for dry socket.

I wouldn't have made this thread but I'm absolutely starving. I haven't eaten since 9am. My girl is bringing me a few tubs of applesauce. You fellas know any other foods I can eat. It's going to be a long 3 days.

Can I have chicken noodle soup or is that on the ban list as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


LOL dry sockets are caused by the sucking motion from smoking or drinking through a straw, not dairy. You only need to wait for 6 hours after the surgery to eat dairy, because it may react with the anesthesia that they used. I had this done a few weeks ago. The first day I was eating protein shakes, jello, ice cream, and eggs. LOL by the second day I had moved on to pizza.


Yeah, I got it taken care of, thanks man. I didn't think it was a big deal b/c I thought I could drink milk, eat oats, and have shakes just the same. I don't know why the bitch told me I couldn't eat 3/4 what she said. I looked at her like WTF?

Thanks again dog.


That's weird. I had two wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and I've been eating regular food. They told me not to use a straw but that's it. I had a sandwich today and some meat loaf, yogurt, sweet potatoes, etc. I haven't had any issues.


Exactly, I wish I could post the instructions they gave me. I starved myself all day for nothing. I'm going out for a fat loggers breakfast first thing in the morning.

They warned me about the straw also, but the rest is b/s.