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Wisdom Teeth


So im getting my wisdom teeth taken out tommorow, anyone have any tips and how long ill not be able to lift weights for?


20 years...be sure you tell your anesthesiologist you want to be knocked out for 20 years.


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And why is this is the bodybuilding forum? lol


my bad i guess i should have put it in the get a life one, does this post take too much space up on your monitor screen though?


Lets see, if you can handle a little bit of pain in your mouth , which has no effect on your ability to lift. Then tonight, if the pain in your mouth is so terrifyingly excruciating then 5 million centuries should heal it.


Yes it really does. I have the old 8" screens going on here.


Bodybuilding forum = General T-Nation forum....duh!


From someone I know, 3 days and they were back at it.


Hope you get lucky. I didn't have any pain meds whatsoever after surgery and fortunately I didn't have any pain. I felt bad for the guy in the recovery room next to me though. He was groaning and moaning like a mofo.


i was able to do all activities i wanted to do (as well as eat solid food) 36 hours after my surgery. My sister developed huge fucking cysts in her cheeks and it literally looked like she had two golfballs in her mouth.

everyone is different.


I had four pulled out last friday. I had eaten an entire pizza by saturday, and I did a heavy-ass leg day on sunday.


It really depends on a couple things: if they're still under the gums when they have to take them out (especially the bottom ones), how good your surgeon is, how easily they come out, and a couple other things. What you want to avoid is losing your clot and getting "dry socket".

For me it was five days until I could really lift again, since if I exhaled too forcefully it felt like something was coming undone in the back. As far as food goes, err on the side of caution, as if you get dry socket, your recovery is going to be longer and far more painful...a nice little treat I lived off of for a couple days was pudding with protein powder added...damn good stuff actually



I had to have mine taken out two separate times, because insurance wouldn't cover it all at once. Mine were all the way through the gums, and came out pretty easily. I didn't even take any of the vicodin they gave me, and was able to eat AND train within a day or two. But I have known people that have had the opposite experience and were jacked for like a week or more.


Sounds like you've never had it done.

I got mine done at 23 (granted I was older than most) but it was quite a bitch. I couldn't eat, lift, sleep, really do anything normally for 6 days.

Some people have it worse than others. Mine were all impacted and shit. I'm sure some other people could get over it in a couple days less than me, but I don't think anyone will be lifting the same night.


I had them taken out one at a time at different occasions. It doesn't negatively affect eating that way as you always have one "healthy" side to chew with. Three went out easily, the fourth was sitting horizontally instead of vertically and under the gum in the large part.

If I remember correctly, I went for a walk afterwards on those days and was back in the gym the next. The night after the fourth tooth, the one positioned sideways, was pretty rough, though, as the surgeon had to cut the gum open and do some work on the jaw-bone.


I had all of mine taken out last year because they weren't growing properly. The top and bottom ones on the right side were taken out first, and then a month later the others. It was a fucking nightmare (the first two anyway). I developed an infection and had to take antibiotics and it took me quite a while to recover; I certainly needed that one month gap in-between.

I remember spitting blood for days the first time round and not being able to chew shit! I basically lived off weight-gainers until I could start chewing again, which stopped me from dissolving away.

I remember the butcher (sorry, dentist!) at the end just after he yanked the last one out saying:

"Right, I've removed your wisdom teeth but not your wisdom" (smile).



I was told to wait 3 days, which I did. I was completely good to go at that point. Definetely couldn't have the day of or the day after tho.

Hope that helps.


Interestingly, my wisdom teeth are exactly perpendicular to the rest of my teeth. I'm not sure what that means for me as far as how they will or won't come in, but maybe Professor X can chime in and let us know.


I ate solid food like 6 hours after mine were removed and was lifting the next day. My procedure went very well though, I had minimal bleeding, etc...had all 4 removed.