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Wisdom Teeth Removal & Diet


okay so im getting all 4 removed next month as they are severly impacted.

im thinking of buying a blender and just liquifying what i normally eat so i dont drop a bunch of lbm without being able to eat solids

anything i should know when liquifying whole foods into "shakes"?


avoid acidic things, haha, obviously, unless you are into masochism. Citrus, kiwi, other things that may not come to mind. Remember not to mix your acidic ingredients with things that could be basic or be cut by the acid, it COULD make you feel bloated - milk and fresh orangejuice for example.

Try to keep your shakes cool, especially when blending raw eggs. It also wouldn't hurt to add some ice to soothe your swollen gums.
Your morning oats can be great in the blender.

try to "fake chew" your shakes, which i read on an article here that i forgot. It's great for releasing salivary enzymes and helps you not get gas from chugging excessive shakes.


Good idea, you won't be able to chew too well.

Also, if you make like a stew of meat, slow cooker, pressure cooker, the meat can be real tender and edible.

Beware the time the painkillers wear off.


Just remember to not use a straw for your liquid foods. I did this, and the scabs pulled out exposing nerves. That was one of the more painful weeks I've been through.


You should be fine going with the liqufied route. One thing to be wary of, though, is that a lot of times when solid foods are taken out of a diet, so is most of your normal fiber intake.

I'd recommend making sure to put some oats into your liquified shakes, as well as maybe a fiber powder like Benefiber. The last thing you need on top of your wisdom teeth pain is a battle with digestive problems...

I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out a few years ago, and really didn't have much pain at all actually, even after the Rx painkillers were gone, so my eating habits weren't really affected too much.

When I got my tonsils out a year later, that was another story...


When i got my wisdowm teeth removed what i was doing is putting all of my food in the blender with either water or tomato juice, blend it until i got a strange and disgusting mashed substance and then eat it, wasn't that bad but you have to be willing to do it.

rice+veggies+chicken+tomato juice = neither liquid or solid but soquid

good luck