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Wisdom Teeth Getting Pulled. Advice?


So I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in about an hour and was wondering what some ideas for soft or liquid nutrition would be. I'd prefer to avoid the jello and pudding in favor of more healthy things, but I am at somewhat of a loss. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.


…protein powder?

you can add in some nut butters or oils for fats too. Superfood too, if you have it.


When I had mine out, I didn’t stress that much. Protein powder, fruit smoothies, various fresh juices - I didn’t eat for about 2-3 days, and my mouth healed up within a week (as in, swelling completely gone). Nobody told me to do it, but I did, and I definitely don’t regret it.


My pull went unusually smoothly, and I was eating nachos about 12 hours later.

I’d like into things like protein shakes and yogurt smoothies.

Probably not nachos.


Mini V-Diet for a few days or so.


Yeah I’m loading up on the protein, I’m basically having protein and a fruit smoothie each “meal”

Rhino: lol on the nachos

Gillium: I guess its a good thing mine was pretty simple so it’s just motrin for me…i was looking forward to that tho…