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Wisdom Teeth gettin pulled

Well Friday I’m getting all of my wisdom teeth pulled. That means no training and MRPs for a couple of days. I guess I’ll also be throwing in a few lo-carb protien drinks to try to keep my calories stable. But my question is does anyone have any recommendations on what I can do to speed my recovery and any nutritional tips since I’ll have a few days off?

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled the worst part wasn’t the first couple days, it was three to four days later. They ached quite a bit later in the week, especially when I’d bend over. The good news was that I was able to eat normally throughout. I, like you, planned to lay low for a couple days, but ended up going waterskiing that same day. It wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made, but I made it through without problems. The main thing that helped me was icing your cheeks.
If you are feeling up to it, I don’t see why you couldn’t do some low intensity workouts. Getting out the house and back in the gym would probably help your mental outlook. The main thing to watch for is getting your heart rate and blood pressure too high. I’ve heard you can blow out those big 'ole holes in your mouth.

HA, HA! (Nelson Muntz style) Mine came in nice and straight! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why no MRPs? Seems like that would be the ideal to me. Depending on how bad it is, you should have no trouble doing soft-boiled eggs (or even scrambled, for that matter). Just make sure to irrigate the surgery sites after eating.

I had one wisdom tooth pulled a couple of months ago. It was just one tooth, but I trained that evening as usual, leg day as a recall. I did live off MRPs and AP for about a day and a half though. Drinking a protein shake with a numb face proved to be quite a challenge. I looked like a two year old with an Oreo. But the numbness wears off in a couple of hours. Eat a big meal before you go.

THat was a mistake, I meant to say "no training, and I’ll be eating a lot of MRP’s since I was told not to eat solid food.

Load up on supplements that promote healing. This includes antioxidants of course, but also some key aminos. These aminos are glutamine and BCAAs. Have a drink like GlutaCene and some C, E, and ALA. Do this as close to operation time as possible and then repeat as soon after the operation as you can. Just think of things that you would do to help muscles recover from a workout. The trauma from a workout is more similar to the trauma from surgery than you could ever imagine.

Uhh, Chris, it may not be a good idea for him to eat a big meal before he goes. If he’s undergoing general anesthesia (as is common when all four get pulled), he’ll be doing the ol’ technicolor yawn in no time at all. Two years ago I had a run in with a chop-saw and had to have reconstructive surgery on my hand, and I’m very thankful that my stomach was empty when they doped me up. Otherwise it would have been a messy day in post-op. :slight_smile:

I am a dentist. I extract wisdom teeth every week. Take it easy for at least one day after. DO NOT EAT a big meal beforehand. If you are going to be sedated (Nitrous Oxide, IV, Pills, etc. can cause nausea…believe me when I say that you don’t want to see that meal again) Do a really hard workout on the day before or the morning of the surgery…then rest…you would rather lose one or two days than try to push it and lose a week…watch your heart rate and blood pressure when you resume training…alot of the recovery depends on how difficult the extractions are…if they are full or partial boney, they will be harder and hence so will your recovery. If they are soft tissue impacted or partially erupted, they are easier. Also, how old are you? That will also have a bearing on recovery…hope that helps some. Plenty of ice post op for 8-12 hours. Load up on ibuprofen 24 hrs pre-op will also help. Good luck! Rick

No need to fret. In fact, it’s good for you to take a week off of training now and then. That is the best way to let your body apply its resources to healing tissues. That’s also why you tend to come back stronger after a week off.

Good point, guys. I didn’t realize that some people get totally sedated before getting teeth pulled. Wussies! Just kidding. I just had a shot or two with only one tooth being yanked, drank a double shake before I went in. No probs, except I had to pee during the procedure!

I had all of mine pulled last November and I lived off of protein shakes for about a week, I also took about 6 TBS of Flax oil/day, 20-30 grams of Glutamine, and (I know this is gonna sound freaky but) 10-15 grams of L-Arginie powder (which taste like shit by the way), all in all I recovered quite nicley!!

I had all four of mine removed about 4 years ago, two of which were impacted. Besides the normal “eat right, take you supps, etc.,” the best recommendation I can give you is to take the ibuprofen pre-op as the doc mentioned above. He said 24 hrs before, but I used it began 48 hrs before (doctor’s recommendation). The dose was 800 mg twice daily (morning and evening). Yes, that’s 1600 mg. daily (or 8 advils for reference). It stronger than recommended on the label, but is a common prescription strength. It worked very well for me. I had little pain and no detectable swelling. Good luck.

THERE IS NO NEED TO TAKE DAYS OFF. I just had mine removed and it hurts after, but train anway. I ate protein shakes(with oatmeal in it) and chicken noodle soup mostly. I do recommend not training the day of the surgery, but otherwise you dont need any time off, however this requires that u dont pop any of the pain pills they give ya…

I had general anastesia for my teeth, three were boney impactions. They were out on Friday morning and I was eating pizza (chewing with my front teeth only) on Saturday night. Drink tons of water before and after, and ICE lots and lots of ice. I had this awesome ice pack that velcro’d around my cheeks and chin… look for one of those and buy it no matter how much it costs. They are great because they are comfortable and you can wear it and do other things. Ask your Doc about drinking from a straw, the suction you have to create to drink may not be the best thing, especially on the first day or two. I had a packing fall out and that was really painful to have re packed. Keep the holes very clean to prevent any infection - that’s actually good advice for lots of things grin

I wouldnt train. i trained two days later after mine and it started bleeding. I developed a dry socket which was one of the most painful things ever in my life. You wont shrivel. just wait it out.

I was eating solid food after the first day. The worst part was finding about a teaspoon of ground beef in the empty socket when I brushed my teath, everytime I ate chili mac at the galley! (I was in the Navy)

VICODIN RULES. Sorry for the mispell

see how you feel afterwards to decide if you should train or not. some heal fast and some heal slow. i distinctly remember after i had mine pulled. i tried to drink a strawberry myoplex later that day and it didn’t sit very well since i was swallowig a lot of blood. pink chunks in the toilet is not a pretty sight.