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Wisdom Teeth Coming Out


So in about a month and a half I’ll be getting all 4 wisdom teeth out, none of which are showing… so it’s going into surgery. Supposed to be a good 3-4 days without solids and a week or so before i can step foot back in the gym.

How do you guys suggest I keep my weight and strength up? I am going to train hard up until that week and take no time off so that the week off can be my week of rest that I like to have every once in a while.


heavy cream+protien powder+milk.

I was out for about a week when I got mine taken out. I got all four taken out and they were compacted so I was pretty sore the first three days. I just ate oatmeal, grits, lots of protein shakes, and eventually started eating scrambled eggs till I got to harder foods.

I got two out over spring break. They weren’t compacted so it went pretty easy and I was in the gym the next day.

Eating was a challenge. I’d suggest mixing some protein into pudding. Eating some mashed sweet potatoes. Lots of regular protein shakes. Waxy maize might not be a bad idea either.

It won’t be too bad, theyll give you some good pain killers.

Treat it as a deload week. Kick your ass in the gym until the day you have to get em out then enjoy your deserved rest.

Good luck

I dunno, do you really want to do what you’re “supposed to”? We’re not your average bunch, we weightlifters. I guess if you really take it that hard, you can take the week off. If you’re eating maintenance or above there’s nothing to worry about. Personally, I had all four out (two impacted, two half-impacted), took vicodin for a day, and was back in the gym.

You can eat solids once everything’s done bleeding. It shouldn’t take that long. I remember picking some food out of the gaping holes in my mouth, but it worked.

Have a lot of shakes on hand…

Shakes man… lots of pb, olive oil, protein powder, fruits, whatever you can find