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Wisdom Is Welcome Wherever It Comes From

…is one of my favourite quotes, and as a 51 year old male lifter that has not lifted in a while, I am
looking to similar folk to me to work out my next training program.

I work a 4 day on, 4 off roster, 12 hour shifts.
2 days (7am-7pm), 24 hours off, 2 nights 97pm-7am, 4 days off.

Still in reasonable shape (less a few injuries), so I’m looking at a routine that will suit
my roster and age, and more to pump what I have back up and cut up some more.
Got diet and supplements sorted for the leap back in, but the science of fitness evolves
so looking at other members experiences.
Will start my routine with legs (plus one more body part maybe) on my last day off, so my first dayshift can be a rest day, so it’s an 8 day routine for my 4 on, 4 off roster.
Got a great gym at work and can take about 40 minutes during a shift to train, both days and nights.
I have been doing a bit of reading on this site and others, but interested in your opinions as well.

Physically demanding job?

It can be at times, but usually not.
I keep myself mobile at work when I can, steps and not lift etc.

I work graveyard, 4 on, 3 off, 10 hr shifts (53 yoa).
I take an extra day off when I need it. When I feel like superman, I work out an extra day.
I have been doing upper-lower-upper-lower for a long time. I take a nap whenever I can.