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Wisdom from the Free Weight Area


We all know that's where the really smart kids are.

So I overheard this pearl of wisdom yesterday. When asked why this kid was jumping from one stupid pussy exercise to the next, he answered: "I don't have a training schedule. Schedules hamper your progress".



and that is why he will never make any progress and probably be jumping around on the same machines, at the same weight, in a years time...


LOL you didnt know that? noob.


Last Fri. night I went into the weight room and there was this guy standing on a bosu ball with 15 lb. db's in his hands, swinging his arms and thrusting his pelvis in what I can only describe as a Nordic Track motion. He was really going at it. I had to consciously try not to stare.

So I grabbed my 40 lb. db's and started doing presses on the bench next to him. I'm still a newbie and know this isn't exactly impressive. But then this big guy in an Army shirt with a VERY impressive physique walks in and just stops dead, looking at both of us, and starts laughing like a hyena. I had to stop lifting, I couldn't help but giggle.

The poor bosu ball guy ended up leaving. I felt kinda bad.


I guess this would be Squat Rack Curls, Vol. 2.

"Schedules hamper progress"... Hilarious


That's pretty funny. I wonder if he also believes that working too hard will also hamper your progress.


I don't want to get too big.




This is what happens when dumb people hear other lifters talking. That sounds like he misinterpreted, "I don't have a set schedule" as meaning, "I just walk into the gym and do whatever I see first".


Some guy at school yesterday told me that working with less than 6 reps was bad because my muscles would grow like balloons and that I had to work with 10+ reps to build definition. I didn't know where to start the argument so I just walked away.


haha. There's a guy at my gym who does shit like this. He's always standing on one leg on that 1/2 bosu doing everything from 5lb db presses to cable rows...all on the bosu ball on one leg.


Did he mention how that would be a bad thing?


I like your Avatar.

"I took creatine and protein once, but I just got too big."

By far the best one I've heard so far.


I asked someone why he wasn't doing real, full ROM shrugs (just more of a twitching motion), and he replied that he only wanted to build up the upper traps. I asked him what the upper traps were, and he replied "The things that make them look big".


If he had big traps then he knew what he was talking about.

Your upper traps are what people notice from the front making them "


People shouldn't have to go into some pseudo-scientific jargon in a gym just to get a point across.


Dude, do you want fucking HELIUM in your muscles? DO YOU?!?!?



"In my pump class I do like 30 dumbbell press above my head. I see all the guys over in the weights section only do like 2 or 3. My workout is way harder than theirs."

  • Brother's Girlfriend.

I didn't respond.


He was about 6'1" and 160lbs. He was even smaller than me.


You should learn how to do non-commital grunt-mumbles; then you might not have to walk away.

Him: Working with less than 6 reps is bad.
You: Hmhmm.
Him: Your muscles would grow like balloons.
You: Umhmm.


Retard A: "My arms are so big now, bro" (sub 10" no jokekid weighed like 100 pounds)

Me: Was that a joke?

Retard b:"you don't know anything about lifting, you don't even play baseball"

Me: You mean I don't compete in powerlifting, and move more weight then both of you combined?

Retard A: That's not real strength, I bet you aren't good at sports

me: Are you joking? I don't play your sports, I play mine.

Retard b: You aren't even strong, I bet I can lift more then you (while pressing 20 pound dumbells. Very fat kid)

I don't even want to continue