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Wisdom from Personal Trainers?


whats the stupidist or most questionable advice you've ever gotten from a "certified" personal trainer? I had one guy tell me that ketogenic diets KILL brain cells just like drinking alcohol does--- (i've never heard this before and I've read a lot on the topic) this same guy also said that nuts are a better source of EFA's than Flax oil... (I responded that yes, nuts are good but you are also getting protein and carbs with them whereas with flax oil its a pure source of fat) finally, and I dont know if there is merit to this or not but I've heard it and read it elsewhere-- he said not to eat carbs after 7pm for fat loss...

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Having a "carb cut-off" is something I've done in the past, but the time is relevant to your schedule. If you're a summer bum, waking up at 2pm and going to bed at about 5am, then 7pm is a stupid cutoff.

Generally speaking, when cutting, I like to keep my carbs pretty low. I generally won't eat carbs within about 5-6 hours of going to bed. Since I eat every 2.5-3 hours, my last 2-3 meals are P+F. Nothing special about 7pm, though. Hope this helps.


My carb cutoff is to offset the fat content of my nightly protein choices and other things I miss out on during the day.


I really question the whole "no carbs after X o'clock" idea. I mean, viewing one's caloric needs as daily (24-hour) blocks, you take in and expend a given amount of energy in each block. Assuming total cals, etc. are kept constant, I just can't believe that eating those cals at one time of day versus another would make any real difference in one's physique. A difference in perceived energy levels, yes. A difference in total fat stores? No.

Have any of you (who keep good diet records) tried this and noticed a difference?

As for silly personal trainer comments, they're far too numerous to list here.


The reason for the "no carbs after X PM" is that the body is said to become more insulin resistant later in the day. I have heard times between 6-8 PM quoted. No idea what happens if you are on a weird schedule. As for references it has probably been mentioned by John Berardi or on the forum. If all else fails, do a literature search (pubmed).


Some fucker working in the YMCA, who I will never forgive, said "Never squat below parallel."

I just discovered the agony and the ecstacy of full squats two weeks ago. In general, I adopted an attitude of "Fuck off," and with the exception of starting fights in grocery stores, my life has been a lot easier recently.

I was 16 when I was told to be careful when I was squatting. Of course, the doc says not to do it at all. By the time I was 19, my knees both had painful cartiliage damage from Petullar-Femoral Syndrome. I think maybe if I hadn't believed that worthless piece of shit, maybe my quads would have been strong enough to support proper movement of my kneecap and I wouldn't be stiff.


There was a study done and it found that the no carbs after X o'clock people lost more muscle & less fat than the control for the first 6 weeks and the reverse happened after. I dont think it was a very good study i.e. it was in one of those diet pyramid sites so I couldn't be bothered chasing it up basically. I would like to know what probability of error was used because I don't understand why this happened.


OK I give in. I asked this bloke why he was doing pec deck with his hands instead of forearms/elbows and was told the PT had said it is harder & also better because you can see when you are failing because of the wobble in your arms??? As if this matters on a machine. I would rather get the benifits of that ROM in the centre missed by other chest exercises.