Wisdom and Advice

Inspired by the Let it out post, wher everybody contributed, i thought i would post this. I was thinking about general wisdom and advice that you not only live by but also the sort of stuff you wish your dad had told you - you know, stuff about how to be a real T-man.

Of course this knowledge should be passed down to your kids. I have put a few of mine below.

Always have a reason for the things that you do - that way you’ll never be lost for words should anyone call you on it.

Always get your story straight and stick to it, do not change it.

Make sure you’ve always got you wallet, phone and keys on you - they are the only things you really need when you’re out.

If it takes you more than 10 mins to get ready (not including shit, shower, shave) then you need to re-evaluate.

Always greet your loved one with a kiss.

Take you job as a parent seriously. Discipline, behavior, training etc are skills that you should be instilling, not the school or society. If they fuck up, it is your fault, not society’s.

Never blame anything you don’t like about yourself on genetics, environment, society or anything else. If you don’t like something about yourself, change it.

NEVER act like a dickhead for the sake of it. Intellect, intelligence, attitude and manners are what separate T-men from other mere mortals. If you are acting like a dick, it is because you lack one of the above.

Quiet confidence always speaks the loudest. If you feel the need to announce your attributes, chances are they are non-existent.

NEVER curl in the squat rack.
NEVER chat about shit in the gym.
Time resting during sets should be wasted - stretch, think about anhiliating the next set and always scan for honeys.

Gotta go now, but please add some of your own rules, advice and T-man wisdom. But, make sure it is intelligent and useful - this is the stuff your want to pass down as part of your legacy!

Don’t have sex with a woman you don’t want in your life the next 18 years.

Never get married!

Don’t mess with Rangers. RLTW


No woman is ever out of your league.

You are going to lose eventually, it’s not a big deal.

Live life right now, if you are working so you can enjoy yourself 10 years from now, you are wasting ten years, you could be dead before you get there.

Drive a motorcycle not a car, you feel more alive, and girls like the vibrations.

It is better to fail as yourself than to succeed as somebody else.

If you lose the girl, turn around, theres another one.

It has come to pass.

love everybody, you don’t have to like them, but love them.

Look at the colour of your food… beige is never good.

Never pet a burning dog.

Don’t force your beliefs, live them openly and people who are ready will come to you.

Smile more than you frown.

Always make time for your friends.

Above all, have fun.


Don’t give stupid advice.

1)Be yourself.

2)Never be afraid.

3)Enjoy life and don’t take it too seriously.

4)Respect everyone regardless of religion, race or political views.

5)Cheer for the Timberwolves!!!


I try to live by these and other truths.
Do nothing which is of no use.

The way is in training.

Become acquainted with all styles of defense

Speed is the king of all weapons; he who has speed can rule the world.

Do not think dishonestly.

Acquire knowledge and wisdom at all cost.

Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.

if you ever travel back in time don’t touch anything.

Don’t pick at it!

Never eat anything that’s on fire.

Always prepare for the worst…that way, all surpises are pleasant.

Worry too much about the wolf, and a mouse will come and bite you on the foot.

Don’t hold in farts, if you do they travel up your spine and into your brain and thats where shitty ideas come from

Follow a stupid kid home, you find stupid parents.

Learn to think…

That last one was good.

They’re all whores except for my mom and my sister.

Once a slut always a slut(Well not really but these are fun to say.)

Every end is a new beginning

Don’t blow other candles out so that yours can glow brighter.

Anyway, just be respectful of yourself and others.

Never settle.

You are not better than anybody else so don’t act like it.

Being impressive is easiest when your not trying to be.

I’m sure there are a whole bunch more…

Tell the truth


experience as much as you can, don’t get caught in a rut.

be kind to everything.


be happy

improve yourself every day



If you go where the Huskies go, don’t eat the yellow snow.

I was actually going to say the one thing I’ve learnt in life is to never ride a motorcycle. You might feel more alive, but probably not for long.

Always stand up for yourself, regardless of the circumstance. When bullied, fight back immediately.

Never justify yourself to anyone except immediate family and maybe a close friend.

Never, ever admit you are wrong to anyone UNTIL you have thought it completely through. Then take appropriate action: apologize to them, ignore them, or continue to deny.

Learn to build a mental brick wall around yourself and don’t let others influence you. Only allow those you trust or those you have asked for advice to get through to you. (Read Thick face, black heart)

Like yourself, love yourself. You are who you are. Its OK.

Realize you are not perfect and get over yourself

Abide by the Golden Rule

You will almost always regret the things you DIDN’T do. You will rarely regret the things you DID do. (Within reason, of course. Criminal acts, drug usage, etc don’t count.)

I could go on for a bit, but I’ll stop here

Don’t eat yellow snow.

But my grandfather had one. Kinda goes like this: When something happens that makes you emotional such as anger or sorrow take all the time you need to purge that negative emotion from you…kick and scream if you have to for as long as you need to. THen, once youre done, you’re done…never let it bother you again. Now, the key is to get that period of time narrowed down to 5 minutes or less.