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Wisconsin Heating Up


Prospects for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill that would strip the state's public employees of most collective-bargaining rights were thrown into question Thursday when the state's Democratic lawmakers were not present at the start of the state session to vote on the bill.

Locals cops are out looking for Senate Democrats, not a single Dem has shown up for the vote.


I don't necessarily think bargaining rights should be stripped, but then again, fuck unions.


They're doing it wrong.


Spineless fucking cowards. Every last one of them.

The cry about "Democracy" when it suits them. When they're about to lose, they leave town.

How can anyone defend this?


Who's doing what wrong, Lift?



So not only have my tax dollars been paying for teachers that haven't showed up for work most of the week, but I'm also paying for state senators that are ditching work, too.


Democrats have been ordered to report back to the state house, they need at least one of them to vote on this bill.


It's legislative obstruction - and it's politically brilliant.

Drag the anger out for a few days, I'm sure it will help in the polls. Think of it as a ghetto filibuster.


I don't know how much it will help, the core departments (fire, police, emergency services) unions are exempt from the proposed reforms. How smart was the governor on that one?


The protesters -- both in the Senate and the ones storming the capital.

This is the first time I have seen a protest where people are actually demanding a "larger" government -- if we correctly understand the implications of government and unions.


Looks as if the Democrats decided to only take the "run" part of the "cut and run" approach.


All I know is if these teachers took my kid without permission, I would file kidnapping, endangerment of minor, corruption of a minor charges.

Who am I kidding, the teacher would get a visit from the ether bunny

oh do property owners get to deduct this from there school tax for the year.


I read where 1,100 Madison WI teachers have called in sick the past two days. If spotted at these protests, those 1,100 should be fired on the spot. If I call in sick, and my boss sees me out and about, I can be terminated so why should these fucks not? They really care about the students. Public School is the worst fucking idea in the history of the US. Fucking money vacuum.


Completely agree,


I've come across a number of anti- union threads on this forum. The only thing interesting about them is most of the posts are in the middle of the work day. I must be in the wrong union.



I'm glad this is happening. The people for this reform are the 75% of the workforce who pays DOUBLE for insurance and has to save their own money for retirement.

5% to your OWN retirement fund....Oh my!
12% toward Insurance....no way (Natl ave is 25-30% and in many cases much higher.)

These people need to learn that many of us private sector have to contribute to our own retirements and we usually pay upwards of 25-30% for our health coverage already.

The Unions have been sucking us dry for too long.

20pt bonus movie quote:
"Free rides over boys...have fun livin' in the streets!"


You have almost as many government workers as California, yet only 1/8 the population. Use that union math and figure out where you are headed.


How many of these people were bussed in for the protest? How many actually work for a union? I am glad they using this tactic. Call people Hitler, yell that the sky is falling, you only dilute it's effectiveness. I hope the state Republicans stay strong and not give in to shit.


What's interesting about that? It's not the middle of MY work day.