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Wisc. Rep. Hintz's Speech Against Gov. Walker


One of my more liberal friends sent this link to me for our discussion...

I agree with this guy...a Democrat from the Wisconsin state legislature. I'm not sure of the details on this debate in Wisconsin, I know it has something to do with budget cuts.

But regardless, I agree in the concept of a deliberative body...I agree that pushing through legislative changes requires deliberate action, debate and a process that is designed to slow those changes...

The thing that I thought about as I listened to Hintz's speech was the push through of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). As I remember it, the Republicans were making the same argument that this Democrat is making.

I was trying to remember the details of that debate to offer for discussion between my friend and I. I always like to provide actual sources and stats...but my GoogleFu is failing me.

Does anyone remember the details of this debate...maybe some links to some sources?


I'm so split on this issue.

This truly highlights a failure of the two party system, in that in many cases the minority party is completely powerless to do anything to combat the agenda of the majority.

Is that democracy? Or tyranny of the majority?

Edit: Also, I admire this representative's passion. Despite his outrage he was fairly eloquent, and manages to make an excellent point.