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Wireless Router Help

question for any IT guys out there… I currently have a wireless G router located on the 2nd floor of my house. I have issues getting wireless signal in my basement. Is it cheaper to just buy a wireless N router (I think they are all backwards compatible) or should I get a signal booster?

Also, do I need a wireless N card for my computer in the basement for it to see the benifits of N or will the router itself have a better signal??

Thanks in advance for your time!


Ideally, you should look to get both.

However this may not be an option, so I would suggest getting a repeater instead.

Various routers will have stronger/weaker signal based on build quality and brand - you might notice an increased signal strength from a N router, but you may not - in my experience. Some routers just have a stronger signal than others. Also, to gain full benefits of the N technology, you would need the wireless N card on your computer downstairs.

You will, mostly likely, lose some speed with a repeater as the data needs to be transferred through it.

Also, when buying new equipment, try sticking with one brand for easier intergration. I recommend D-link, I’ve never had any problems with them, their signal is excellent and the software to manage it is quite in-depth.

Hope that helps you some.

Other options to consider:

  1. Try a different channel for the wireless signal to run through.

  2. See how far your router has to be from the PC in the basement and if it’s middle ground between the 2 computers, keep it there and buy a wireless card for the PC upstairs.