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Wintrol/Primo Question for Bill R

Hello Bill,
I have quite a few questions:
Would 1000mg winstrol and 1000mg Primo / week be too much or would this give me more lean mass than 350mg of winstrol and 1000mg of Primo / week or is this overkill.
Also, Is winstrol depot safe on the liver at 1000mg / week ?
And I have decided to take 1 amp of sustanon every 2 weeks during this cycle.
Since winstrol is anti-progesterone, would this help prevent bloating on the sust.
For my next 8 week cycle, Would Arimidex + Clomid during a 1gram sustanon / per week prevent the water retention/bloating
Thanks for you help!

For anyone except someone competing in bb’ing at a pretty high level, I’d consider 1000 mg/week Winstrol on top of 1000 mg/week Primo to be overkill. 350 mg/week is what I’d generally recommend and 700 would be going pretty heavy. While that’s 1.7 grams per week of steroids, it’s fair to say that the Primo “ought to count as a little less” so that cycle is within my general recommendation of staying under 1.5 grams/week (generally aiming though
for more like a gram.)

At 700 mg/week, (100 mg/day) I’d have no problem with Winstrol for five weeks but would be concerned about longer.

The bloating from Sustanon is principally estrogenic, with progestagenic activity not the slightest concern at all, so no, Winstrol would not reduce that. Arimidex would as would Clomid.

I have a followup question to this: how would
a cycle consisting of 1000mg of primo/week +
350mg winstrol/week + 70 sprays androsol 2x/day compare in effectiveness and side effects to the same cycle, except replacing
the primo with 50mg injected fina/day? Also,
would it be possible to make primo more
concentrated than 100mg/ml so it wouldn’t require so much damn injection volume? Maybe
something like 200 or 300mg/ml. That would
be sweeet! TKS

Probably this cycle with 1000 mg/week Primo as the base and 50 mg/day Winstrol and 1 g/day Androsol or Nandrosol would be more effective than the same cycle with 100 mg/day Winstrol but no topical diol.

50 mg/day Fina by injection is I think comparable to the 1000 mg of Primo, neither
significantly more or less.

I don’t know the melting point of methenolone enanthate so I cannot make a guess as to what its maximum solubility in oil is. And there really is no way to guess melting points accurately.