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Anyone else stoked about snowboarding/skiing this winter? I hear most of the hills around bc are getting precious wet snow up top. mmmmmmmm.

It was 84 degrees here today and it’s supposed to be 89 tomorrow. No snowboarding for me.

Yeah, I’m totally stoked. I moved to Florida about 4 years ago for work and I came from New Mexico where the mountains and snow are a lot closer. I’m planning a snowboarding trip for late January this year to southern Colorado, most likely. I can’t wait!

Gord… I don’t care about the others in the tropics, I am totally pumped for snow. I ski and Snowboard. I usually pick one of the two sports and go nuts for the year with that one.
40 years old,
Shoulder broken, 4 ribs and a major concussion from skiing. Skiing last year on 2003, Soloman Pilots 185 cm. Skiing 25 years.
Snowboarding 8 years, broken wrist. Boarding on a Scott Strider 159 cm Hybrid board. Maybe buy a new one this year?
(I either gotta be more careful or go for laser eye surgery…Ha)

Snow sports!!! The best F’ing fun you can have!!!


Winter is useless.

My favorite addiction! Snowboarding that is…

Its sunny and 80 here by the beach, but less than 2 hours to Bear Mt., where I hear there are some insane parks.

BTW: So. Colorado has some GREAT terrain.

I’m stoked about the season as well…

The hill on Socal are cool and all, but the good riding in the state is up north at Mammoth, Kirkwood, and Heavenly.

I love the winter…


I used to ski a lot. Hell, I used to be a lift attendant. I haven’t gone that much in the few years, though. I hope to get some in this year!

Anyone train specifically for riding? Last year I did leg work but when I started riding I couldn’t use my legs for anything. I’ve been trying to get to so. colorado for years…

I just wanna build some huge snowmen/people.

I’m gonna play hockey, but next winter I’m gonna get into snowboarding since I might be done w/ that.

Went to Whistler Blackcomb last year and was very impressed on the size. I think on the brochure it said:
“Skiable terrain at Whistler/Blackcomb: Fucking Huge Dude”

However I am of the opinion on this one that Size doesn’t matter.
Its all about the friends, the abundance of powder, the friendliness on the workers, the shortness of the lift lines and the bums of the girls!

By the way…The Banff and Jasper areas are the best for the bums and other second most important things.

There’s nothing like a major snowstorm! As long as you can get to the gym :slight_smile:

How’s this for a snowman?


Favorite all time resort… and why?

Ross- vegas (Rossland, BC). The snow is so light and the terrain will work you. And the two local bars are usually packed during the season. Whistler does have a better party scene though.

Unfortunately, I’ve only skied on the East Coast. I’ve been to Wisp in MD, many resorts in PA, and Killington and Smuggler’s Notch in VT. I’ve only skied on fresh snow once! Of those, Killington would be the best.

Favorite resort so far…

Kirkwood in Tahoe. Keep in mind I’ve only been riding since 2000 and most of my time has been spent on the Southern California slopes.

Mammoth Mountain in the lower Sierras is a good place too, but the times I was there was usually two or more days after the last fresh snow.

Colorado resorts as wells as Whistler in BC are my next goals.

i wish it would hurry the fuck up and get here already.