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Winter Park Resort


I know this may be a long shot, but I'm going to be arriving in Denver tom (12/9) and need a ride to winter park resort. I'll be with a friend and would need room for two suitcases and a snowboard. We would obviously be willing to pay for gas, and add some cash on top for the time. If anyone knows of some reasonable shuttle services to winter park please post.


Mods if this is breaking any rules take this down.


I'm here right now. Meet me at the Colorado Sports Bar inside the airport. I assume you're arriving at Denver International Airport. Meet me at two o'clock and I'll buy you a drink. I'll sit all the way on the left-hand side of the bar if you're facing it. I'll be wearing a red 49ers hat, which should make me stand out in that bar. I have an F-150 with an extended cab so there should be plenty of room in the bed for all your gear. I'm heading up to Winter Park Resort on Saturday anyways; I'll just go up a day early. So don't worry about paying for all the gas. Throw a couple bucks in the tank and buy me a burger at the bar and we'll call it even. Anything for a fellow T-Nationer.


Hello? Are you meeting me there or what? I'm not going to sit around that Godforsaken bar all day. Two o'clock sharp. I'm more than willing to give you a ride but you need to confirm that you'll be there or else I won't even show up.


I've been waiting at the airport for an hour, where are you???


I'm standing right behind you. I've been staring at your ass for the last 45 minutes.


I dont know if that was serious or not, but thanks if it was!


Of course I was serious. I'm here right now, although I'm disappointed in the coverage. I've probably rode past you at some point since the only trails open right now are around the Zephyr lift. If you want to meet up and take a ride or two down or hit up the park meet me at the Coffee and Tea Market at two o'clock. I'll be there for lunch.