Winter Olympics

Is anyone watching the Olympics or does nobody care? Of course Canada’s going to rock in guys/girls hockey (goes without saying) & Catriona LeMay Doan will clean up & is hot (also goes without saying).

Having played ice hockey for many years and being a huge NHL fan since when there were only 6 teams in the league … DAMN RIGHT, I’M WATCHING … eh!!!

Seeing a bunch of college kids win the gold medal for the U.S. in 1980 was undoubtedly my all-time favorite moment in sports. When Vicktor Tichenov replaced Vladislav Tretiak, who at the time was probably the greatest goalie in the world, with a back-up goalie named Mushkin at the start of the third period, you just sensed that the Soviet’s domination of Olympic ice hockey just might be ended by a scrappy bunch of amateurs… American kids who had been thrown together a scant few months earlier. When the USA held on throughout the final ten minutes to win and then went on to defeat Finland for the gold medal, what has been labeled by the media as the greatest sports’ moment of the 20th century had taken place.
I and a group of grown men in the room wept openly.

My second favorite moment in sports took place in 1994 when Mark Messier led my New York Rangers to their first Stanley Cup in 54 years.

Joey, it’s nice to see another hockey nut on the board. What is your prediction for the gold medal game this year? I think there’s a good chance we will see a rematch of the 1996 World Cup final. But this time my boys from north of the border will bring home the prize.

It will probably come down to Richter vs Brodeur;
these guys have faced each other countless times
over the years. Now if Mike Richter “stands on his
head” like he did in the 1996 World Cup, you guys
(Canada) are toast; if not, Paul Kariya, Joe Sakic,
and Mario Lemieux will be the death of us (the USA)!

Russia minus Sergi Federov still has one hell of a
line-up; they sure have a lot of great players named Alexei. (But I don’t think their heart is in it.) The Czechs with Dominik Hasek and Jaromir Jagr and the addition of speedster Patrik Elias are definitely the possible spoiler!

For obvious (sentimental) reasons I’m picking the U.S.
but have a funny feeling that in the end, old timer
Al MacInnis may deliver a rocket from the high-slot
that could prove fatal for Mike Richter and the U.S…

P.S. Hoser, I still can’t believe the U.S. beat Canada
5-2 in the World Cup final at the Molson Center in
Quebec, no less. I guess that’s why they play the
Games! Maybe you are right, and Canada is ripe for revenge this time…!?

I can’t believe the U.S. beat Canada 5-2 once, let alone twice. I still remember my heart sinking with that Tony Amonte rebound goal. Concerning this year’s games, I think the best lineups on paper are Canada and Russia. However, Russia is f’ed if the Bulin wall fails to come up huge game in and game out. I have a feeling the intangibles will carry the U.S. to the final. Your defence is subpar, but the U.S. forwards are warriors. With the Czechs, they need Hasek to win every game for them, and I don’t see that happening this time around (at least I hope not!). The Swedes are screwed without Forsberg (not enough depth to make up for his absence), and the Finns are a longshot to begin with. One last thing, I’m hoping a Canadian forward bows out to allow Joey Thornton to step in. That kid can play! P.S. sorry for hijacking your thread Drax :slight_smile:

I’m a Canuk, and would love to see our boys win the gold, but I have a sinking feeling that we’re going to see the Czech Republic win it all.

I’ll be cheering for the U.S., but, as a Bruins fan, I have got to say that I think it’s ridiculous that Thornton isn’t on the Canadian squad. He’s been putting up incredible numbers and is the main reason the B’s have played so well in spite of being without Jason Allison.

Good to see some more canadians on this site. I would like to see more hardware brought up north. A qustion to the canuks on this site, Where are you getting your mag-10 from if using, and has anyone been burned having it sent from the U.S.???